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A Feeding Guide for the Non-Sanguinary

Written by Masticina Akicta


Not all vampires feed through blood yet allot of emphasis is put on the feeding habits and safety of the sanguary. It’s true that they need such Information but there is many shared concerns that also non blood feeders have. All vampires need energy, clean and without disturbing factors.

Also every vampire has different energy needs. So what might be fine for one might simple be insufficient for another vampire. In all cases, the individual needs need to be defined. The most common need and this is shared by all vampires is Life Energy, no matter by what name we call this energy, and it has many names. It is the vital energy that makes us life and makes everything life. And through time even science is picking up that there is more to things then just the matter and what seems to be electricity.

Our ways of feeding differ as they are vehicles of gaining the energy. Indeed life energy is strong in blood but also can be found in many other things. Like nature, indeed plants also carry the energy, animals and our human society! This little article will show you many ways of finding that energy. First though a little though about why we feed and how it might have become, don't take it as law though. Just take it up in your overthinkings!


In nature all goes in balances, we humans tend to disrupt balances and then all hell breaks loose. For instance we shoot wolves and remove them from areas just because we don't like them there. Even though we nowadays know that wolves rather kill wild then livestock Many areas in America still are devoid of them. Areas now with a raising number of prey wildlife, that else would be eaten but now due to the imbalance is starving and walking on our roads. And this is only one example of what happens if we think to know it better. In the world of energy there is also equilibrium, see it as a huge, multi layered and pointed scale on what many balances rest. Nothing is black or white though here, as a scale its never full down one side or the other. It balances all the things in our world.

Eliquibrium works on many levels, from huge ones to small ones, even we humans have our own internal Eliquibrium and here is where I go further. What makes up our energy pattern are many different types and vibrations of energy. Emotions for instance are vibrations on their own and like a sun flare can carry much energy.

There are some humans who have allot of energy, they are like huge suns compared to many others. Sending out waves of energy and if it’s channeled they can use it to heal others, protect others and of course do also other things with it. As Eliquibrium says there is the counterpart, and that is where the vampires come in. Some call vampires “black holes” and they have a point, as vampires are naturally takers. This is not a bad thing though as I will show.


Here we are, our role seemingly in the story. Vampires need energy, and to be precise Life Energy, but it isn't as if you can buy it in the store. Truth told the energy generally is bound to other types of energy, like the vibrations of emotion or the faint "radiation" of our auras. Just as blood is a vehicle for the Life Energy, those other types of vibrations are for the psi vampire the vehicle. And this is why we have defined ourselves as emotional, psi or other type of vampires!

Emotional Energy Feeders.

Let's begin with the emotional feeders, with that I mean the ones that have learned to intake Life Force through emotions. And let’s begin with that "bad word" to be said "negative energy feeder".

A negative energy feeder takes from Jealousy, Hate, Fight and any emotion like such that gives huge flares of energy coming out. As only the most dent person on the world can't pick up is the huge raise of energy if someone is in a pissed off mood. At times you even can feel it through how someone types and acts over email or in a chatroom. These emotions are very easy to pick up, and indeed for a vampire it does contains life energy.

Such vampires seem to always find ways to be around fights, this isn't bad. But some find it easier to just cause the fight and that is where the bad name comes in. Happily not every vampire does this and those that do that mostly do not know that they are vampire; they just know they always are around fights and feel better after it. This makes it important for vampires and definitely for negative energy vampires to know what they are. And adjust their behavior to a more peaceful role.

But of course, there are more emotions to feed from, every outburst of emotion after all puts energy out in the environment. A pub will, after a full, night be full of simmering energy, dirty indeed but with filtering and cleaning it will be the thing a vampire survives on.

For emotional energy feeders that are many ways to get their energy and any heavy used public place, like a train station or a shopping mall will be like an "all you can eat" dinner for them.

Psi Vampires

Another way is to get closer to the source, humans. As said every living thing has an energy being, the outside of it being the aura. And psi vampire can feed from a person’s aura, mostly it’s done by an innocent touch, sitting next to the person and where the two aura's meet the vampires aura can feed. But also if trained a psi vampire can extend his energy form to reach for others, by things that can be seen like "tendrils". By desire a trained psi vampire can form part of his energy form into a tentacle and move it closer to another. And feed through it.

It doesn't matters how it happens but psi vampires can unseen feed of the vital life energy. And many will make decent choices, at least if they know that they are vampire. Another point why they should be awakened indeed is because of the choices who to feed upon. Remember my talk about Eliquibrium? Well not everybody is right to take from. Children for instance are a moral no-no to feed upon as they need all their energy to grow. Sick people precisely the same, they need all their energy to get healthy again. But on the other hand there are some with too much energy and too much of anything can be just as bad as having to less.

A psi vampire can help to balance out someone’s energy by taking what it so much, it’s like the special scissor the hairdresser has, and it doesn't cuts everything off but only part. It “thins” thick hair and this is a bit as a psi vampire can act, to take away only that what is too much and in such way to equalize a person.

Sexual Vampirism

It’s a form of psi vampirism within all probabilities, during sex all barriers are open and the physical contact, the sharing of body fluids, it all opens up possibilities to feed from. Good sex is like a highly enjoyable work out and for the Sexual Vampire a perfect venue to regain Life Energy. Both the emotional and the psi vampire part will be of interest for a Sexual Vampire.

Feeding Ethics for Vampires

As said, you shouldn't just feed from children, the sick and elderly. But it’s a guideline, not a law, there are always certain exceptions. You wouldn't be the first one having to balance out a child with ADHD. Indeed, I shall talk about “vampiric healing” later, though it is not part of the feeding scheme.

Vampires that take from non-human sources

Some vampires are able to take from nature and other non human sources, being that I don't have experience with such I can't write about it.

Psi and Emotional Vampire Feeding Tips

You are what you eat and for a psi vampire or an emotional vampire it's even more important. What matters is the life energy, not the vehicle, nor the method of feeding but Life Energy. I don't write law but have some tips for you. I have written down here a cleansing method I myself use a lot, I pre-process much of the energy in a specialized "part" of my energy body. It has as effect that you only get your "feed" after a second or 20 or so, it can feel like ages but its clean energy. And it means your body has to deal less with "dirty" energy.

The Cleansing Method

Intake the energy, like every process its raw energy and should be kept outside of you for now. Store what you can and process it slow enough for the other steps to work out. Filter the energy; remove the most easily to take out elements of the raw energy. There are always certain things you don't want inside of your body and how more you can "process" outside how better. Things like certain emotions are easy enough to filter out and helps allot with in taking the energy without "side effects". Best it to use storage for the raw energy and to filter it as slow as is needed for a good filtering. Store the filtered energy for the second step and cleanse your filters before taking up another "chunk" to filter out.

Next step and if you are trained you can do it while filtering the second "chunk" is to take the energy, now almost elastic and sticky due to losing “fluids” needs to be treated rather roughly. Think a bit like putting it in a dry tumbler with spikes inside, move it violently and you'll see that a kind of gas like fluid escapes. Now this is important, funnel and store this gassy fluidly stuff for the second around and once the melees doesn't gives away much more throw it out; it will dissolve in nature in time. The Stored gassy fluid contains allot of Life Force but we aren't there yet.

There is one last step in the process, now we are going to shift it on quality. In a process of boiling of fluidly gas. Using a four staged chamber boiling it will break it up in the different qualities and components. The gas on the top of the chamber is the lightest and the most pure Life Force, this is what you worked hard for. The second upper chamber is like a good but common wine, its Life Force and you can feed from it but it’s not as perfect as the top chamber. Both the upper as this one are great for feeding The third chamber is like a house wine, use it to pour through the outer parts of your energy body. The fourth is not useful; it’s the crap that didn't come out yet during the other stages. Don't feed from it but use it to clean this industrial like feeding process. Step six would be pretty simple, after you fed..release all that is left in the system and clean the system out. You have through this process broken down dirty raw energy into less than 1/10th of useable and feedable energy, but free of anything that might hurt you!

You are what you eat!

I found that this method works for me, might be too hard for others and might not be useful or applicable for everybody. I personally don't mind having to wait half a minute before first of the energy is available to me. It’s the cleanest and purest energy I fed upon.

Chunk = Chop sized amount of energy, to easy the filtering process Fluids = Things that makes the energy fluid


I hope that this document can shed some light on things that haven't been really written that much about yet. As said before not many would write about the non sanguine vampires as it is a a harder to grab issue. There seem so any different ways to feed and factors for non sanguary vampries that even if the most senior of the community would write a book together it wouldn't fullfill the need for information.

I know this article is only a snowflake on an Iceberg of information that could be written. But I hoped it gave you insight and maybe it started you on your way or reaching better ways to feed and survive. The idea about equilibrium is something that has grown unto me due to my workings in the magical realm. But it took "The Psychic Vampire Codex" to really bind the connection between vampirism and magical realities. I guess I have to thank Michelle Belanger for that, so here it’s done. Thank you Michelle Belanger!

I accredit this article to my years in the vampire community, most ideas are freely available and it’s just the combination of things that make this article. And that is good, shared resources in an open vampire community. I can only hope to be off positive influence myself, within the limits this life has given me.

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