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Written by Daqmien Daville

In regards to energy, real vampirism is about recapturing energy because of energy deficits. There are many sources that are useful in providing this energy such as the blood and sexual energy and empathic energy of people, the energy of other living things and the energy from non living sources in our environment. It is useful to have alternatives to just one source, as it is an easy thing to lose a source for a while. An important characteristic that real vampires have is being highly sensitive to the energy from these sources around you, and that we are highly impacted by it, that is it affects us both physically and psychologically.

With this need for energies and knowing that we are highly affected by them unlike most people, it is important to note the kind of some energies and how they affect us. The psychic and empathic energies of other people are important to note, because there is a lot of variation and type of this energy that bombards us. To be affected by the emotional energy of others in vampirism, is to "feel" is as we readily are impacted by it. The degree we are affected by these energies also corresponds to our abilities to block out unwanted sources and types. This is also known as shielding yourself. Why would you want to shield yourself from some kinds of energies? There are people that give forth emotional energy that may because of it's content may be in the form of anger in nature, chaotic or depressive in narure, and etc. Most real vampires have difficulty in blocking energies, and would want to in the case of some kinds of unwanted or negative emotional energies because of how much we are affected by them. Real vampires assimilate these energies, and easily experience these energies, ie, we can easily experinnce the negative energies of others and so are affected by them.

Unless you have developed your vampirism to a degree where you can take such negative energies and dispose of them, why would there be any reason for a vampire to desire negative energies? Negative energies are assimilated just like any other kinds of energies and we become what we absorb. We experience that energy and take it to refill our needs. That is what we as real vampires do, we feed on the free energies of people, pets, and the environment, become that energy and then assimilate it to our needs because of deficits. To say you seek out negative energies and can feed off of them brings a lot of stress and toil to you, unless you are able to dispose or block them. We as vampires can easily seek out environments where there are wanted positive energies that are easy to assimailate. Sometimes we have to work at getting that environment around us, but it can be done by our choices on who we choose to be around and what environment we have.

That fact remains, that we become the energy we recieve, unless we develop the abilities to block or shield it or dispose of it before being affected by it. And the fact remains we are affected by the types of energies that bombard us and are around us. The experienced vampire will seek out energies that do not harm, otherwise why would you do different, unless you had no control at the time on what environment you were in at the time and the people around you where upon you would use shielding techniques. It is stressful for us and tiring for us just to deal with the many kinds of energies around us, let alone seek the negative energies of people which we then become from assimilation. Real vampires seek a constant balance between deficits and what is needed, it is easy to gain too much as it is to find yourself with too little. But to add to that nagative energies only invites more stress where there is enough of it already. It is a given that we are affected differently by the types of energies, a real vampire will seek out that which helps best to relieve deficits without being impacted in a negaitve way. Also fact is we are affected and become the energy that we take, unless we block it or successfully dispose of it. Being affected as much as we do, makes it imperative that we try to choose energies that have a positive impact.

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