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Ambient Energy Balancing

Written by Cole Wellman

As I have explored and stretched my vampiric abilities, I have become more and more aware of the connection it gives me to other people. Because I draw energy from many sources into and through my body, I am in a way the invisible meeting point for all the strangers around me. As I became more aware of this happening, I began to think about how I could use it for my own benefit and that of others.

I like happy, calm, and easy-flowing energy, whether in a group of strangers I am passing by, or in my own circle of close friends. When people get irritated, annoyed, or angry, emotional walls come up, and energy in a group gets fractured into individual opposing cells. Not only is that very uncomfortable for me, it is also unproductive from any viewpoint I can see. The technique I want to describe is not to calm anger, but rather to prevent it from ever happening. I call it ambient energy balancing. It is good for keeping groups of people on good terms. That can be useful when you are out with friends, so that everyone has a better time, or when you are at work so that your projects and your day go smoother, and in many other situations.

The technique I will write about is simple to explain, but I find it is not so easy in practice. The basic idea is to use yourself as a "lightning rod" for all violent or negative energy in the group, absorbing it before it manifests. You will have to totally absorb the negative energy without letting it affect you, and radiate out calm, relaxed energy, Note that you do not have to radiate as much energy as you take in... the important thing is just to stop negative energy from affecting the ambient energy of the group.

Since I do not normally appreciate negative energy, this is a little bit difficult for me. I have learned to absorb and use any form of energy, but I take in negative energy primarily to stop it from growing... when this technique is working, very little negative energy ever appears, so it is easy for me to maintain. There are vamps who do like negative energy, but for now I will write from my perspective, as one who does not.

When you are in a group and wish to keep the energy balanced, the first step is to form at least a loose connection with each member of the group, or if you prefer the ambient "group energy". With most people, they will not notice if you form a direct connection. With the other vampires or aware people, hopefully you will be comfortable enough with each other that they will let you form a loose connection, or one will already exist (as with close friends).

Now just attune yourself to the energy frequency you want to maintain. This is the most difficult part to explain, let alone accomplish. But you want to keep yourself balanced, so that any disturbance or agitation from anyone will be immediately picked up by you. This is sort of like holding a handful of copper wires. It should not take much effort to hold them, but one of them has an electrical spike, you will feel it. It is important to mention that you should NOT actively search for negative energy. Rather make yourself a lightning rod, so that you feel it as soon as it appears, but before it manifests as words or actions. As soon as you detect anger, irritation, annoyance, or any form of hostility, it should travel like lightning down a wire and be absorb by you. This is the only time you should use your own energy. Then you can process it, and either use it yourself or release it as calm, cooperative energy back into the group.

One thing to be careful about, if you are not a negative-energy vampire, is not to let the hostile energy affect you. Anger tends to grow if you let it, taking up more and more energy and turning it all into hostility. When you are absorbing negative energy, it is easy to start feeling those emotions yourself. You must keep your mind clear when you are processing hostile energy, and it is important to consume it or change it as quickly as possible, so as not to be affected by it yourself.

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