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An Alternative to Shielding

Written by LA Judge

Retune. An Alternative to Shielding

Step back and feel it for a quiet minute. Everything hums. And I do mean everything. Everything has an energy signature that is uniquely it’s own. Every space, every place, every person, every rock, every fire, every animal, every everything. Colors feel different than light. Wind feels different than water. Inside different than out. Home different than school. Joy feels different than pain.

Learning to feel and sense the differences in the energy of all things is a very important tool. Once you establish the differences, you can the use that ability to identify the energies you need to stay balanced and to avoid expending energy as part of heavy shields. It is much less effort to go with the energy flow than it is to shield against it.

I am not advocating dropping your shielding. There many times and situations where shielding heavily in one of various forms is absolutely necessary. This is just a simple alternative for those times when shielding takes too much energy & effort or is simply just inappropriate.

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This Site has just gone up, lots of work went into building this Site, and transferring and uploading files. I hope that you will enjoy the Site and find it useful and informative. I had the web community in mind when I put this Site together, I almost did not do the work, but this group has been online a long time (going on it's 20th year).

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I am writing about how my personal life has changed this past year. I left the modern urban world as I knew it this time last year. I was working in the workplace doing 60 hours a week for a company that was draining me of energy faster than I could replace it. It was all about saving my life when I left that job and went to live in a cabin in the woods.