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Color Adds Energy

Written by LA Judge

Want to add a super shot of energy to your life? Easy. Add color. Color by its nature is a pure shot of energy. Color is the pure reflected energy of light. But enough of the physics. Color adds life. Walk into a room that is drab and monochromatic and it literally deadens the energy within the space. Walk into a room that is energized by color, and you feel the vibrancy and energy of a warm inviting space.

But what color? How much color? And ugh my whole place is “Landlord White”. Color can make a large space feel cozier, an industrial space feel more like a home, and even the average too small intercity apartment feel spacious, rich and exotic. All white walls tend to take on an overall grey drab appearance. Add one wall of a warm sunny yellow and you enliven the whole room. Color can also calm and relax. Add a wall of a soft green and you now have a tranquil space.

Experiment with color. Use more than one color in multiple purpose areas to define space and set boundaries. Color can separate living space from dinning space, all within the same room. Use color to balance a space. Give each space its area of importance, just by adding zones of interest with color. In small spaces, such as a small apartment, set a color pallet for the whole apartment. One room should flow to the next without shocking and bizarre differences. Make each room separate and unique, but coordinate all with the rest of the space. Doing so balances the energy within the whole space, giving an overall color based energy.

While paint can be expensive, most hardware stores deeply discount mismatched gallons which can be altered within the same tonal range. Cost aside, keep in mind what you are gaining. For a little money, and a bit of effort, you are chasing away dull drab lifeless energy and adding an instant adrenaline shot of life.

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