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Depression and Elemental Vampirisms

Written by Ana Nightshade

I wrote this for my book of shadows group at my website but I wanted to share.

Depression is nasty, the more people interested in bad things in their life: Drugs, alcohol abuse, bad relationship choices, bad home lives, bad family lives, S&M, hurtful friendships, and websites, anywhere when people can insult you is not good. You will have to change yourself - what you eat, how you act, who you date or love or sleep with, who you live with or around, who you visit etc..what music you listen too, tv you watch etc... all impacts you, especially music, food love and lifestyle.

Don't have any of this, and change for positive to see depression lift off your life.

You should seek a theraphist, and you need to start living life the way you want rather than deal with everyone elses grind. Its true you need money but you don't need to feel like everyone's rat.

The point of life on earth is to rise above what others want us too do.

However some people expect medicines prescribed to help us all together, you must enable them to act for you right, just say when you take your meds I enable them to make me feel right, instead of "Oh god take me over and make me real better!"

Meds are only supposed to work til you feel better. You shouldn't take meds if you don't want them, but if you want help seek help.

Drink Natural teas, and Items also help, Fruits, Veggies, Grains and Cereals and Yogurt help turn depression on its ass. You may realize you see colors brighter, and notice parts of objects you see everyday but weren't seeing all of ever. Like you can see the curtains but do you notice the design patterns in the curtain more or less? I have noticed that myself, this may make you cry and depressed again, but its normal, Just say "No, I will accept this about me being dead in some way and move on."

When you get severely depressed, you are a walking zombie, inside you are clinically dead. Scary. and Its true. We must get out of the Coma though, which feels like a numb tunnel on the body and mind. You must rise above it, but gradually. Accept you don't have the answers at all -- who said you had to have them? "It's expected of us in some false way in society to be schooled and groomed and married with a happy home life by 33". But Thats NOT a healthy lifestyle. A happy one is answering to no one in anyway shape or form and still learning and discovering at age 33. The 1900's were bad for america because it taught women to obey their men, cook and do their chores while men worked, and take care of the kids, never having very much time for sleep or mental well being because the "Modern Woman" didn't need too do this, if she became a broke down piece of shit then that's because she was one all the days of her life. This is false, men and women are created equal in the eyes of the goddess and or god and themselves. This mainstay has become horribly inverted and is not healthy because it has been bred and taught, because without its routine people don't know what to do with their lives.

Now is the time you can choose, so if you grew up with something called routine where you ate at 5pm, did chores at 6 pm, did homework at 7 pm and went to bed at 8 pm GET rid of it, this won't help you your parents or your children or friends.

Throw it down the toilet and flush it.

CHANGE your life and your routines, as you do you may experience depression and nervous disorder because you broke with "stable family values" -- these values irritated more than they helped.

Change away from this type of stereotype and move on with your Lives. be bold and positive, keep a journal of how you do things differently, you will see that breaking that mold gives you freedom to step off from everything else.

Foods that help:

Veggies - Collard Greens - Turnip Greens

Squash, Zuccini, Green Peas

Nuts, Peanuts, Pecans, Almonds,

These promote mental clarity.

SKIP WALNUTS & Cashews (they create melatonin, the body does not need melatonin in it)

Melatonin creates dislusions in the body and mind, such as manias and phobias and OCD disorders, Cholestetrol's build up as saturated fat to create melatonin in the body.

Melatonin is Fats. It stinks when it leaves the body.

McDonalds and Other fast food will have to be monitered monthly, or daily. Do Not eat too much Fats.

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