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Energy of Vampirism

Written by Damien Daville

As vampires, we are constantly dealing with misconceptions of ourselves, and we all have run into this sometime. I wish to speak about the finer points of our vampirism, our energy needs, for it is this that defines us, and sets us apart from other humans.

Vampirism first exists in the abilities that are present. Vampires generally have heightened sensory abilities that other people find are absent. These are present in the psychic and empathic abilities to perceive and manipulate the mental and emotional energies of others who are susceptible to it. It is inherent in the ability to perceive this energy around people as energy fields, auras, and interactions. Vampirism can be first understood in this difference in abilities. As for the attraction of the blood energy, and the protein, and elemental properties of blood, vampires have an ability to tap the properties of blood unlike other people. We know that blood naturally makes people sick just by its properties if ingested too much, but we as vampires who take blood do not require much of it.

Vampirism is a conscious mental ability, and the need that arises out of a deficit in energy. Vampires, through this awareness and need, are natural energy feeders, and find the need to take this energy, and so seek it. Vampires normally easily take the mental and emotional energy of others through their own manipulation of it, and then use this energy for where it is best needed within. Here, one normally possesses some psychic and empathic ability that comes with the heightened sensory ability that many do not have. Vampires learn to use their abilities once there is a realization of them, and the energy need. Whereas we easily are able to blend in well without detection, we sense the energy of others that other people do not "see".

The attraction of the blood energy and elements is more difficult to understand. Some have experienced accidental cuts or other exposure and find an attraction to the properties of blood for energy. Some vampires find that with blood, one could use whatever is present in it to gain the energy lift that was desired, but then most do not need much of it for their satisfaction. Most have found that others have a lower threshold to ingest it. I think it is easy to get used to the energy and elemental properties of blood, for vampires do not need to ingest much for their needs.

It is important to understand that vampirism is highly dependent on abilities of sensory perception and awareness, which so many do not have. It also depends on balance, for too much of this mental and blood energy, overturns this balance. Vampirism is not something one learns to do, it is discovered, and those become aware of it through discovery of sensory abilities, and the need to use them. These energy feedings come natural for most, but then, as in all things, one learns to use abilities. Vampirism is not just given to someone, it comes from the abilities and then needs that are largely a part of what you develop and then learn to use..

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