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Free Energy - Ambient Energy Sources

Written by LA Judge

" Get your free energy here."

Ambient energy is simply energy that is given off. In earth sciences, it is thought of as "renewable" energy sources. Free energy from elemental sources - heat (but not fire) - water - wind - solar- etc. It is energy that is freely given off and harnessed for other uses.

Living energy is everywhere. If it grows, it flows.

As energy sensitive humans, vampires know that all living and natural sources contain much needed energies. But did you know that most living sources produce more energy than they need and freely release that overflow? This to a vampire is what is known as ambient energy. Here again, it is energy that is freely given off from a renewable energy source.

Tapping the flow.

So how do you scoop up some of this free energy and put it to work for you? Well if you are talking elemental ambient energy that is easy, just go out and be part of it. Let the sun warm your face, the wind blow your hair. Elemental ambient energy is everywhere.

Ambient energy from living sources is just as free and available.

Living plants can be a wonderful source. Enjoy a trip to a local greenhouse or garden center and bask in the energies given off by acres of wonderful blooming plants. Breathe in the essence and visually feast. Have you spent time playing Frisbee with your dog or with your favorite cat purring in your lap? Both of these are good examples of ambient energy sources from pets.

Other people are the one of the greatest sources of ambient energies.

Summer is a great time to get out among others and enjoy some freely given energies. Go to a summer concert and crowd surf. Enjoy both the Psi energies and the given off ambient energies and you will come home feeling refreshed. Take a walk in the city in the evening. Feel the urban flow? That is ambient elemental / environmental city energy. Add that to the ambient energies given freely by the people you pass on the streets and you have the makings of a slow relaxing walk.

Ambient energies truly are everywhere. Get out and enjoy them.

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