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Health Problems

Written by Damien Daville

One item to understand is that the majorities of vampires have psychic ability and may be empathic. This is very true with myself and many I have come to know over many years. As vampires, we have a superior sensory and psychic ability compared to most other humans. The most common physical ailment I have heard from many have is headaches. I have had them as well sometimes. I also agree that migraines are also common. I do attribute many of these to use of our psy/empathic abilities. This is an observation I have made in others over many years. The vamp that learns to use shielding against another's energy may find some relief from these symptoms. Vampires are usually very feeling and perceptive of other people's energy, so with this energy, headaches may be common. But stress added to this will compound these symptoms, for stress does constrict the blood vessels, i.e. then adding to the propensity in us for headaches and migraines.

I would also add that we are also more sensitive to bright sunlight and other sources of ultraviolet light. We have always had to adapt to this and most do so easily with dark glasses. I use them with success and this also reduces the propensity to headaches also. Most true vampires I have helped and known have been able to reduce the frequency of headaches just from reducing this exposure to sunlight and the effects of the psychic energies of those around us. Many vampires are also very sensitive to temperature changes. I have observed over many years in other vamps this sensitivity especially with cold temperatures, but also sometimes with very hot temperatures. I live in the south for a reason, I avoid the cold, which also constricts blood vessels but I am quite able to adapt well to warm temperatures for this reason.

Many vampires are naturally hyper emotional. This is expected with many of us due to our psychic and empathic sensitivity to the psy and emotional energies of others. With our higher sensory and psychic abilities, we "sense" the feelings of others, which add to our own. I have seen this cause some problems especially in females who experience the hormonal changes common with pregnancy. Another symptom can be hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). It is important to note that as creatures of greater mental and sensory ability, we will suffer some common physical discomforts and ailments. Our challenge is living with our abilities and how we can minimize the discomforts that we may very well experience at greater levels than other humans.

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