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Inner Energy Management

Written by Masticina Akicta

Vampires don't just have to deal with feeding and shielding from outside sources. Because that is only half the deal!

There is much to optimize in the human energy management. Standard humans send out allot of energy including still valuable prana. Which if the supply is unlimited is not a problem but what if the supply is limited, like in vampires. You need to learn to have more control over your energy. In the buildings of these days, we have isolation, stuff you put between the inner and outer walls that keeps in the heat. Inspiring isn't it!

Many vampires in time find out tricks to do the same but if you haven't or are just interested, read on. Humans generally send out allot of energy, thoughts, emotions and other energy. This can be interpreted by those that are either trained or are innate in things. It isn't hard to read things that are floating free around and most humans are far from knowing what information they send out. In cases where many people converge (like shopping malls, the movies, etc) those that can read such information might even try to block of such abilities because it is overwhelming. The aura is the energy pattern that every living thing emits, this contains for those that can read it allot of information.

Selective shielding or full shielding is the method of isolating yourself from the outside, at least partly! Those that can read auras tend to say that the aura if you shield is either black or to smooth. Basically it stops the energy, normally leaving you from leaving you and thus where else is allot of information now is a black hole. Now most people are far from being able to notice auras or any other kind of energy, even if it bit them in their ass. See most people have enough problems with their carnal reality and thus generally don't see further as their carnal existence. You know the term "your navel and the middle of the universe" ... you probably understand me. They are they blissfully unaware!

Doesn’t shielding cost energy itself? Yes that is true. But it is all about loss and gain, if shielding uses less energy then the energy loss you would have without shielding you have a winner. There are dive suits that capture the breathed out gasses, clean it and re-use it. We can do a bit the same, the energy that leaves us can be gathered by the shield and in taken for treatment if needed and can be re-used as long as possible. And this all on energy level, by just a bit of creative shielding!

Some though can see things, people shield for many reasons and there seems to be an understanding. Back on topic though, shielding between the outside world and your self is only part of optimizing your energy. With (self) training a higher stage of influence can be reached, you can learn to have influence over what the energy you have is used for. Control is never really possible, influence though is possible. And it is the smart vampire to do to get enough influence over its own energy to lessen the need to feed. Lessen yes, because we keep using life energy and keep "losing" energy thus!

As you read and probably you have to reread it and think about it, by adjusting things on energy level, re-using energy where possible and limiting loss you can extend the times between feeding. And also can improve healing and other things

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