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Negative Energy Vampires

Written by LA Judge


An inevitable dualism bisects nature, so that each thing is a half, and suggests another thing to make it whole. --Emerson.

While positive and neutral feeding vampires seem to be the most prevalent, the complementary / duality principles inherent in nature insist that those of all types exist. As a vampire with a negative energy polarization, I have come to see and understand energy from different end of the perspective scale. To me negative energy is not something to be avoided - it is something that I embrace. It nourishes and energies me. And contrary to popular belief, gathered in the correct context, it harms neither I nor the persons or existences around me.

Unfortunately, negative feeding vampires are very misunderstood and discriminated against, even within the vampiric communities. We are anathematized on any morality issue of a vampiric nature ? regardless of the energy polarity of the vampire involved. It is also assumed that we can change our feeding habits if we would just "try harder". In fact, quite the opposite is true; we can no more change from negative feeding to positive feeding than one can "quit" being a vampire. It is a physical condition and an impossibility to do so. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the various types of energies and their orientation and in doing so help to foster a bettering understanding of negative feeding vampires and dispel some of the current of level distrust and misunderstanding within the vampire communities.


Energy is everywhere. It is found in everything. It is in the air, the fire, the plants, the water, humans & animals. We are surrounded by and created of energy. Energy is the glue holding together the various particles of our very existence. There are only so many basic building blocks on the periodic table, yet without energy tying the individual parts together, they would never unite to form the infinite diversity of our universe. Energy ties together the parts in an every flowing unseen manner. Unlike the individual parts, energy is moving, flowing, changing. Energy transfers from one thing to the next. Energy is alive.

Nature in its completeness is cyclical. A basic principle of Newtonian physics teaches us, "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction". Think of energy as a pendulum that is swinging. On one end you have positive energy, the middle is neutral, and the opposite end is negative. Constantly moving, constantly flowing. Yet, remove one part of the equation and the movement stops. Energy ceases, existence is erased. For every positive energy flow, there is a neutral and a negative.1. The movement is complete and the balance in nature is kept and maintained. Life goes on.

In addition to positive, neutral or negative designation, energy may also have a number of different degrees of intensity or concentration. It may feel weak, calm, chaotic, strong, turbulent, and hosts of others. The varying degrees are an indication of intensity or strength ? not of polarity orientation. Calm neutral energies "feel" or "taste" greatly different from that of calm positive energies and so on. Even strong turbulent energies can have a positive, neutral or negative flow to them. Here again, in all cases of intensity, one cannot exist without the other two, nature is complete in its cycle.

Natural Energies

The energies found in nature are pure. Nature in existence just "is". It has no purpose or intent. The natural elements of earth, air, fire, water all are of a neutral base. They have no agenda, no purpose. The energies contained within them are purely neutral. Water, in all its various forms, just flows. Fire just burns. They have no meaning - they just exist. Nature is neutral.

While nature is neutral the reactions and interactions of the neutral elemental energies can generate a positive or negative effect. The earth nourishes and nurtures the life that grows from it (positive) yet can in an instant turn deadly and destructive in landslides & earthquakes (negative). Fire cooks and brings warmth (positive) yet uncontained will char everything in is path (negative). Interactions in the form of a reaction with the neutral elements complete the cycle. The pendulum swings and balance is maintained.

Environmental Energies

Unlike the pure elemental energies, environmental energies can have a positive, neutral or negative orientation. This is because they are an interactionary interpretation of natural energies. The ancient Chinese understood this in developing the principles we have come to know as Feng Shui. The various interactions of individual (neutral) elemental building blocks can and do influence energy flows and orientation. Ever notice how a certain type of environment uplifts yet another seems to depress? This is one example of such an energy flow. The individual elements of both environments may be the same, yet depending on their placement or arrangement they can generate a positive or negative energy connotation. For instance, a valley sloping gently and evenly between two hills is said to have yang energy (positive) while a valley that drops and rises sharply and unevenly between two hills is yin (negative).

Manmade environments can have the same of energy differences as those found in nature. A safe neighborhood with well kept homes and clean streets is positive, while a crowded, unsafe, dirty intercity street is quite negative. And the same holds true for personal living spaces as well. Clean, well kept spaces painted in bright colors are uplifting while those that are cluttered, gloomy and dark bring one down.

There are neutral as well as positive and negative environments. The same gentle sloping valley can have a row of threatening trees cutting it in half and rendering it neutral in orientation. The dirty intercity street can be made safe, cleaned & maintained. Again, the cycle or movement is complete and the balance is maintained.

Human Emotional Energies

Human energies are the most complex (and often the most misunderstood) of all energy types. Each of us contains the capacity for great joys and great sorrows. Add to it our abilities to greatly vary the intensity level of energies and you have a mix making us the most complex and highly charged energies in our universe. Each of us interprets the world around us in a completely unique emotional manner. In situations where one individual may find stress and anger, another sees opportunity and finds delight. This individuality is what makes us uniquely human.

While unique as individuals, we do fall into the same basic energy classifications as the energies found in nature. One is said to be of a positive nature if one is thought to have primarily uplifting presence while a person of a negative nature may be perceived as mostly brooding and gloomy. Yet, each of us has the ability to generate energy of all three polarity designations. Of the types of human energies, those generated by emotional sources are the most complex. In much the same way that the natural elements are neutral in nature, so are human emotions. It is how the emotion is portrayed and interpreted by each individual that gives the emotion its positive, neutral or negative energy context. In much the same way as fire just "burns", anger by itself just "is". Expelled outwardly in a rough manner, it becomes negative, yet harnessed it can be the igniting spark for positive change. Love like water flows saturating all that it touches. Tender loving moments can be the most positive of feelings, yet love taken to an extreme becomes a negative obsession injuring all with whom it has contact.

As stated, emotions, by themselves are of a neutral nature, it is their reactions in the form of an interaction with us on a personal level where the change in polarity takes place. Internalized, anger that does not find a release can eat away at an individual's very essence. Joy internalized too often leaves one unfocused, viewing the world though an unrealistic measure as if though "rose-colored glasses". Once the emotional energies are released they are no longer capable of influencing the individual generating the emotion, unless there is an interaction of sorts with another individual involved in their release. Here also the laws of Newtonian physics apply. The law of action / reaction teaches, "Whenever one body exerts force on a second body the second body exerts an equal and opposite force on the first". The equal and opposite equation applies to all forces, natural, human, cosmic and mechanical. 2 Keep in mind, the reaction of such released energies only generates additional like amounts of energy. It is not always energy of the same intensity concentration or like emotion of that which was released. For example, the emotional energy of love, released in the interaction of a simple kiss can generate a positive energy reaction if the individual receiving the kiss feels in a like manner. However, the same kiss can generated an intensely negative response, if the recipient has no like feelings for the person expressing the emotion. Likewise, the intensity level of the energy can vary. The positive energy expressed in a simple kiss can generate anything from a strong intense reaction (positive or negative) to a mild calming effect. Again it is the reaction in the form of an interaction generating the intensity response, not the pure emotion itself. In all cases, the amount of energy generated in the interaction / reaction will be equal to the amount generated by the original released emotion.

Vampire Energy Types

Just as there are three polarity designations of energies, there are three different energy orientations of vampires. Nature is complete in its cycle. You could not have positive feeding vampires, without the ability of the other two to exist. Again, think of energy as a pendulum that is swinging. On the ends you have positive and negative, the middle is neutral. It only stands to reason that if you have one type of energy, the other two are there in order for the movement in nature to be complete. Since the middle neutral range is greater than that of either extreme (positive / negative) there are more vampires of a somewhat neutral nature then there are of either extreme. It is very rare in nature that there is a positive only or negative only feeding vampire. Nature leaves little room for total extremes. Most vampires can feed on neutral energies as well as energies of their polarity designation. Some, the truly neutral ones, can even feed on energies of all three types.

Just as different types of energies have different feels and various energy types of people have different traits, so then do the three types of vampires. Neutral vampires tend to be easy going relaxed, almost what one would call mellow; they tend to be the "peacemaker" or healer type of person. Positive vampires are more driven, outgoing; they tend to want to organize have an agenda to accomplish. Negative vampires are quieter, less social, and more aggressive; they may be seen as, brooding.

Drawing / Catalyst / Feeding

In much the same way as electricity flows, vampires are drawn to energy situations that are aligned with their own energy polarity designation. Positively charged vampires are drawn to situations where there are positive energy flows, negatives to negative and so on. While as a sentient being, an individual has a choice in their actions, we as vampires also have an inherent nature to fulfill our energy needs in the method most beneficial to our make-up. This natural ability not only accounts for differences in energy polarity but may have quite a bit to do with our individual selection of feeding method. It would account for the reason that some of us are Psi, while others are Sanguinary, as well as why some are negatively charged while others are positive. I believe that this aspect of definition is very much akin to being born either vampire or mundane. It is something in which the individual has no choice, they are born that way.

In situations where there is an underlying current of mixed energies, vampires tend to act as catalyst in bringing out, or to the surface, the energy type of their designation. Positively charged vampires draw positive feelings as an emotional energy interaction from those around them ? negatives draw negative emotional energy, and so forth. Even when there is no interaction to create the event, by the vampire drawing the emotional energy, the apparent catalyst affect is still present. This accounts for the reason why some feel that they are constantly floating in a pool of goodwill while others find themselves at ground zero for various types of conflict.

You cannot be hit harder than you hit back. You can get only what you give. You cannot touch with out being touched.3 As physic teacher Paul Hewitt likes to demonstrate, there is no way that you can strike a sheet of paper with appreciable force. Hit it as hard as you would like, and all you will ever feel is a slight tap. Since the sheet of paper cannot "hit back" with say, fifty pounds of force, it means that you cannot hit it with fifty pounds of force.4

The same as is true above, is also true for vampires when feeding. Gathered energy is doing its job, if it in fact energizes. The principle of equal and opposite reaction applies. The gathered energy in the form of energizing (feeding) is the reaction. It is that reaction of transferring the energy from one point to another that feeds the vampire involved in the energy transaction. In cases where there is just a transfer of energies, the feeding vampire does not feel or take on the emotional context of the energies involved. (Emotional energies, remember, like elemental energies are of a neutral base.) However, when the reaction with emotional energies, is in the form of an interaction, the vampire involved in the interaction is not only expelling energy (as part of that interaction) but adding an emotional charge to the energies at the point and context in which they are gathered. If in the illustration above, the sheet of paper was replaced with a brick wall, the focus of the hit would be quite damaging to the person doing the hitting. This is also true for vampires when feeding. If as part of feeding you "push back" in the form of an interaction, you actually feel the physical emotions of the energies that are being gathered. If the reaction is just to gather the energies, and not become involved in an interaction, then gathered energies just energize. This applies to all energy designations of vampires. Positive emotional energies gathered in the context of an interaction would leave the vampire feeding from such actually feeling the emotional charge of the energies. The same would be true for neutral and negative energies gathered as an interaction. However, if the same energies are gathered without an interaction, then the feeding vampire does not feel the emotional context. It is within this situation that a vampire is able to gather negative energies, without feeling their effects.


There as been a great deal of debate in the vampiric communities, over negative energy and the context and consequences of feeding on such. This is not a new discussion. I personally have been aware of such for twenty years. Unfortunately, little headway in understanding has been made in those twenty years. The misunderstanding seems to stem from the mixed metaphor of defining energy as a form of "good" or "bad". Energy, by nature, just "is". Negative energy is no more "bad" or "evil" anymore that positive energy is "good". Defining energy as such assigns human moral properties to a context of nature in which they do not apply.

As humans we tend to define things in very black & white, unforgiving terms. Given the catalyst abilities of vampires, it is easy to see why a vampire that draws positive energies (and hence, positive emotions and goodwill) would define themselves as doing "good", and at the same time define a vampire drawing negative emotions as "bad". Unfortunately it is that type of a mixed metaphor that has come to define how the vampiric community sees and defines negative energy and vampires that feed from such.

All communities of individuals have a moral code that defines their interactions with their fellow man. The biblical "Golden Rule" and Wiccan "Rede" are two such classic examples that been handed down throughout history. Each of these declares that it is morally unjust to do harm to one's fellow man, especially for the circumstance of personal gain. Vampires of any energy orientation that deliberately manipulate a situation, to their own gain, are guilty of such a morality violation. This applies to all vampires, positive, neutral and negative. The manipulation of a situation is a morality choice of the individual and by no means is indicative as to their energy type. While it is not always as readily apparent, positive vampires that are manipulative are just as harmful as those that are negative. This again, is something that is a choice of the individual and as nothing to do with the type of energies that they draw or feed upon.


In conclusion, I would hope that this paper helps to define and provide a better understanding of widely misunderstood Negative Energy Vampires.

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