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Physical Psi

Written by LA Judge

Energy moves. Energy flows. Living energy transfers from one place to the next. Action - interaction – reaction. Living energy is constantly moving. It moves via physical pathways. In some energy sources, that physical pathway is easy to understand. You feel the wind bite your cheeks. The sun warms your back. You feel someone’s touch or taste the warmth of their blood. There is a physical component and the energy flows. All energy sources used by vampires have a physical component. Without that physical edge, there can be no energy transference from one to the next.

But wait a minute…what about Psi / Empathic energy? Where is the physical contact there? After all that is just psychic and emotional energy. There is no contact or is there?

The physical contact of Psi & Emphatic energy is one of the most misunderstood aspects of vampirism. It is assumed that there is no physical contact, but this is not the case. The contact made is so subtle that it is sometimes missed. In vampirism, all of your senses are used as a means to obtaining energy pathways. It is thru those physical sensations that the contact is made and the energy is transferred.

The physical sensations of the basic senses are the conduit for the energy transference. Touch is the most obvious of the senses, but the others are just as important. Sound and light provide a physical interaction thru the reverberation and interpretation of physical light & sound waves. This is why small amounts of energy can be transferred via music, art, color, or even a stimulating phone call or email.

The physical conduits provided by touch and smell are just as slight, but even more powerful. Actual physical contact is made via the molecules inhaled or tasted. You smell someone’s scent, you taste the air of a crowed room and the energy transfers.

In order for a vampire to gain energy from a situation there must be a physical component. You must have an action – interaction – reaction in order for the living energy to flow from one place to the next. Without a physical interaction, there is no energy transference and hence no energy gain. In most energy gaining methods of vampirism, there is a mixture of physical / energy sensations. In an Elemental exchange, you feel the bite of the wind, the taste & smell it brings and feel the strong energy pulse that drives it. With an Empathic one, you feel the overwhelming sensation of another’s emotions, but also feel the warm of their body, taste the air that they breathe, see and hear them. In a Psi energy exchange, you feel the psychic energy or pulse of group, but also smell the collected people; you see their actions and hear their sounds.

In every form of energy exchange, there is a very physical component. Once you understand how the energy flows, you can better maximize your energy interactions and gain more energy thru less efforts.

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