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Psi Feeding

Written by Amanda Johnstone

One of the most important things to remember when Psi feeding is focus and control. If you lose focus you will not be able to feed properly. The best way for you improve your focus is through visualization meditation.

Visualization Meditation

Visualization meditation can be a great resource a wonderful escape and also a great tool. It helps to play soft new age music you can get recordings specifically designed for meditation. Nature themes are good. To begin focus on your breathing, taking deep breaths in and out, slowly, with your eyes closed. Guided meditations are good for beginners as they will take you deep into the meditation and teach you what works for you. Once you get the hang of this you need to start taking yourself deeper. Focus on different things each time, improve the clarity of your visions and add more detail to them. After practicing on a regular basis you should be able to go into a meditative vision without much effort and no matter where you are.

The point of these exercises is simply to improve your focus. Meditation will bring you an awareness of yourself, of the Earth and a sense of connectedness to all things. It will also improve your ability to visualize the act of feeding.

Feeding directly from a donor.

Close your eyes for a second and feel the energy all around you. Become aware of yourself and open up your focus points/chakras/third eye. Now open your eyes and see your donor, know that they trust you and that you will not harm them, send out a feeling of serenity and love, feel the energy that they are willing to give and send out a line and visualize the energy transferring from them to you. (The place from which you draw your energy may vary depending on your own beliefs, personally I take from the heart and bring it into my third eye) When you feel that you have taken enough or you are asked to stop, simply imagine the line withdrawing back into yourself or breaking and falling away. With this method it is much easier if your donor projects of sends the energy to you. It may also be easier if you make physical contact with your donor. Placing your hand over the place from which you will feed is often a good contact. However, physical contact may just be that you are standing on the same surface, etc.

Feeding on Ambient Psi energy

Ambient energy is energy that is released by people. It quickly disperses into the air and becomes part of the atmosphere. When people gather in large groups, the groups quite often are said to have a “feel” to it. This is an effect caused by ambient energy. In places like clubs and concerts, the energy is so concentrated that simply breathing can sometimes be a way of feeding on the energy. Letting the energy of the crowd simply wash over you and through you. It can be quite intoxicating.

In malls and other areas the energy might not be so blatantly obvious. In these cases you might need to focus. Again just by closing your eyes for a second or two and sensing the energy around you. This time you can keep your eyes closed if you wish as you send out the line that will draw the energy to you. Some people say the technique that works best for them in this situation is to visualize a straw, and to suck the energy into themselves. I find that what works best for me is simply breathing in the energy.

There are many techniques and little tricks that people use when feeding on psi energy. There are also many moral and ethical questions regarding the practice. What you nee to do is try it out and see what works and feels best to you.

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