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Psi Feeding: Ambient Feeding

Written by Masticina Akicta

Psi Feeding: Ambient Feeding

Ambient Feeding is one of the least "damaging" methods to feed for a vampire, by taking energy which is thrown away anyway. No fixed donor is needed, no vampire to donor interactions, nothing of that all!

Ambient Feeding begins with intaking the energy of a high prana level environment, like a shopping mall or a school. The Energy must not directly be intaken but has to pass these following steps. These will clean and prepare the energy so that you get what you need and not that stuff that makes you sick, ever step has between these blocks [ ] noted how rich the energy levels still are, compared with the start, this is an average situation, sometimes more prana can be won sometimes less.. not every situation is the same but this is average of a small shopping mall!

1. Energy Intake [ 100% ]

The Raw Energy Intake, visualization of how the energy goes into a trump, at a slow rate ( don't feed to fast else you might be found out ).

Action: The Energy gets through the first filters, things like emotions are filtered out, but also other crap and stuff. Soon enough you know what to filter out and what not.

2. Pre Centrifugal Energy [ 70%]

We are left with about 70% of the level of what we first had, but it's still very cruddy and like a kind of syrop. Still not worth to feed on! ( you can get pretty sick of it )

Action: Mangling and Centrifuging the energy will make it loser and allows some of the lighter energy to escape, the meaning here is to take that lighter energy, mangling can go on for a while but after about 10 minutes…there is not much to gain from it.. what is left in the centrifugal zone is.. crud... throw it away.. it will dissolve in time..

3. Unclean Energy [ 30%]

This looks more as prana, though it's still rather dirty and needs some work still.

Action: Refine the energy, in this case it's a combination of heating and constant movement, what happens is that the "gasses" out of the mix will rise and how more pure the Prana, how higher those gasses Rise...

Thus we end up with a small kind of pyramid

2% of the Energy is what we would call Pure Prana, it's the best there is... use this to feed

5% of the Energy is what we would call Prana, it's not as pure or as good but good enough to feed from

10% of the Energy is Dirty Prana, it's not good enough to feed from but you can use it for your bodily cell regeneration and some other uses. It's clean enough for such use.

The rest.. about 13% is crud prana or crud... maybe there is something you can gain out of it but it's not worth the energy you would have to put into such process... it's a reasonable pure product.. so it easily will be intaken by nature! Release it.

After feeding take some moments to flush out the whole "production plant" and clean the filters... And voila. Free Prana out of Ambient Energy, sure it only gives about 5-6% Prana but it's one of the easier ways to survive.

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