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Science and Human Energy

Written by LA Judge

Science and Human Energy

Research into the existence of human energy fields is hardly a new science. 5000 years ago in ancient India, spiritual men spoke of "prana" the universal energy that is the source of all life. 3000 years ago Qigong masters in China where practicing meditation to balance the human energy field they called the "Qi" or "chi". They perceived "Qi" as the vital energy found in all things, both animate and inanimate. In ancient Greece, Pythagoras accepted existence of energy in the form of a "luminous body" and held that light could produce variety of effects in humans. By by the early 12th century, scholars Boirac and Liebault explained that human energy can cause an interaction between individuals from distances of the human body.

Research into human energy fields continues in this century. In 2003 MIT's McGovern Institute for Brain Research initiated a multi year project, sanctioned by the Dalai Lama, looking into the actual science and physiology behind the effects of mediation on the body. Although some physiological benefits had been proven in the 1970's this is a long term in depth study whose results are still several years away. Additional research in this area, has continued with set of annual conferences(Investigating the Mind: The Science and Clinical Applications of Meditation) and at such notable institutes as Johns Hopkins University and the Mayo Clinic.

At University College in London, in 2004, researchers under the direction of Dr. Tania Singer, proved the existence of empathy. They showed that it was physically possible to actually feel the pain of another. Although the study was with a small controlled group, the results were quite clear and further research is being done as a follow up.

How does all this relate to vampirism? Showing that human energy is real and affects the body in a physical way is key to understanding why some feel a lack of human energy. Although the ability for science to actually understand the inter workings of the energy body connection is years away, basic creditable research is beginning to prove what generations of energy sensitive people have claimed

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