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The Effects of Vampirism

Written by Damien Daville

It is important how we notice our differences in relation to everyone else in our world. This will help us understand how our vampirism affects us. We all have varying abilities that define our need for energy and to fill this energy deficiency. Most of us have some psychic ability to capture the psychic thought energy of others and some of us absorb the emotional energy of others. We may feel what another person feels and as empaths know how to sense the emotions of others. Then there is the ability to seek out the energy in blood play and other pranic sources of energy such as that in sex. We have abilities that enable us to seek and utilize these energy sources better than most people. These differences in ourselves help us understand the impact and effect of vampirism on ourselves and our lives and enable us to see how we differ from other people around us.

We then are effected by our quest for this energy in others around us. Our success here will determine a big part of our health. If we must be in bright sunlight, we adjust by covering ourselves and wearing sun glasses if need be. If around large groups of people, we may or may not suffer from the excesses in energy and the negative types of thought and emotional energy. We are usually affected much more by our environments than other people. Our sensitivity to heat and cold is usually more pronounced. Some of us may even have sleep problems and many deal with headaches and depression. So being who we are does require us to adapt and make changes in our daily lives. And then we also survive like so many do. We work and pay our rents and bills like any other and that requires adjustments in our time.

And then we also fight the public perception of us. What films say and show and what is written about us continues to misinform and create misconceptions about us in the public. This effects our relationships with other people forcing us to deal with hate and criticisim. I encourage all to speak out to correct this film industry portrayal of ourselves. If you see it in print in the media, write the people printing the misinformation. If we do not attempt to eduacte those who do not know about us, then we are forever left with living with people who will never know what vampirism truely is. The more of us who seek to set the record straight, the more of them who will hear who we are.

I believe it is worth the risk for we will continue to suffer from ridicule and misconception, and our gain is not only educating the misinformed about our vampirism but also understanding how to live with and adjust to who and what we are in relation to the rest of society..

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