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The Romantic Vampire and the Communities Illusion

Written by Masticina Akicta

The romantic vampire, don't we love it, the glamour. The romantic vampire is not only undead he/she is also beautiful, (ever seen an ugly vampire?), can get chicks or dudes every night, and somehow never has money problems. Doesn't that sound perfectly, desirable? Well like most desirable things, it is a freaking myth.

It's the scourge of the vampire community. There are thousands of little websites and communities that offer some real vampire content and then add allot of the romantic crap. How can a person desiring to learn about vampirism see the shit from the hit, when most websites cover up the little bit of truth they have with a sauce of total romantic bullshit!

Harsh words you say, hell reality is hard! If you have a website or community and want to help the vampire community then one thing you shouldn't do. That is covering the truth about it... by allot of romantic bullcrap! Part of the reason why we still have to dispel the "romantic vampire" myth is that some people within or outside the community are still mixing the real vampirism and the romantic vampirism bullcrap.

That is you indeed, how as vampire can you be taken serious if you mix vampirism with bullcrap? I can tell you I know the romantic image draws attention and people to view your website, wheee, but the fact that you pollute the community with your crap is a much worse thing then the possibility that your website might not get much viewers.

So if you have a website, want to make a website or a group to serve the vampire community then learn one thing, no romantic vampire bullcrap!

This was a public service announcement, now go....BEEP.

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