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Vacation Survival Guide

Written by Masticina Akicta

Welcome vampires and friends, to the thing called vacation. In what you are pretty much forced away from the safe home and have to deal with all kind of small issues. This article should show you how to cope with some effects.

Privacy In many cases, you can forget a real bit of privacy. Because either you are stuck in a room to sleep with others or you end up in quite an unpersonalized room. And since you can't take everything with you. On vacation is can be hard to have some privacy so if possible take some items with you from your own room that just gives it your touch. Maybe even that old teddy bear!

If you can't be really alone for any time being use artificial means like music.

Soothing methods
We poor vampires tend to be rather sensitive and it helps us if we have something that can limit our energy usage. For instance by taking some mobile form of music with you, I self have an MP3 CD player but any type of personal audio can work. Remember listening to loud can ruin your ears but it shouldn't hurt to listen to music for an hour a day on vacation. Have enough batteries, rechargeable go a long way.

Block that Sun
Nothing is more enjoyable for families to go out to cities, to walk hours in the happy warm sun and to play hours in parks. Oh yeah, under while you feel a constant overload off the senses and your mood goes to hell.

And trust me it aren't just teenagers that get grumpy then. I personally hate having to drag my ass on a long day with family or friends, because I know they mostly think that a day not filled with things.. is a day lost. They never build in enough “zone out” space to just return to your senses.

Well since we don't want to cause any more fighting then already is happening we should find coping mechanisms.

Sunglasses, are pretty much prescriptive in our cases. I knew of a few vampires that don't have photo sensitive eyes but mostly we all have that same little problem. And don't belief that story “But there are clouds, so how can you need sunglasses”. Sunlight can easily hit 60% power through cloudy conditions, that still is pretty much.

Well for the extremely sunny moments, I personally use the Mr. Black type of sunglasses. They might not look as sexy but belief me I can be hours in the sun before photosensitivity hits me. For most this should be enough, just get used to complaints like “Geeh you really have to wear those sunglasses, it is cloudy”

Yes, after a few hours of pure sun, enjoyment and allot of people, you feel grumpy, but how nice finally the family is going to sit down for a drink...in the middle of the sun. Whoo boy aren't you happy!

If you can try to get your family to sit on a more “half shadow, half sun” seat it helps allot. You have to share your life with other wishes to but everybody hates a grumpy person. As said, if you have a room you can use in privacy or music to fall into you can extend the time you keep suitable.

As said, not every vampire loves sun as much, or loathes it as much but it is the all combined exposure to our senses that tends to make us to grumpy.

Use your own mobilized break pack, mostly in vacation spots you just have to buy yourself some candy that if you are lucky doesn't has to be as unhealthy. Luckily though the “mobile water bottle” of around 500cc. Everybody should keep moisture enough and well with parents in this shops and little brothers and sisters fleeing around...the chance to sit down can be hours away. So taking your own water helps.

Sun scream, I know it doesn't helps to much against the sense of the senseless battering sun but. But at least at night you don't got a crispy smell and a reddish outlook. Speaking about Sun scream, after sun is great to moisturize your skin.

So in short, taking some helpful methods of coping with you. Like your own personal audio, a book and if possible something that remembers you of your own safe private room. And sunglasses help allot to, taking a small backpack or sack for those “nice” long family events filled with helpful things.

And remember even vacations will be over!

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