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Vampire Energies and Lifestyle

Written by LA Judge

The term “vampire lifestyle” is one that conjures up an array of images. Dark dreary Goth clubs, faux fangs and capes, black clothing and brocade jackets. To others it means bloodplay to the point of almost sport. To others yet, it is bad case of life imitates art almost to the point of the absurd as one tries to match their lifestyle to that of a B-grade vampire novel.

What is it about the “vampire lifestyle” that so intrigues people? Is there a true vampire lifestyle? Is it dark, mysterious, and seeped in generations of mystery? And, what about real vampires that become so confused by the term that they try to imitate something that they are not?

The vampire lifestyle is nothing more than an adaptive set of changes that each vampire makes to the way that they interact with the world around them. Younger and newly awakened vampires struggle with this. Older vampires do it almost by nature. Vampires adapt they way they interact with the world so that it maximizes the energies in which they function. They adapt everything from their clothing style / color, to where they sleep, to the people with whom they associate and the foods they eat. In other words, anything and everything within their environment is adapted to best meet their energy needs.

Examples and illustrations can be found everywhere. For instance if a vampire finds that they are more in tune with the energy projected by the color blue, they may adapt their wardrobe so that it predominantly features that color / energy choice. This may or may not be a conscious choice in the part of the affected vampire. Many vampires make lifestyle choices based on how well they feel - completely unaware that they are adapting their lifestyle to fit their energy needs. They instinctually steer towards choices that give them better energy opportunities.

Younger / newly awakened vampires have a rougher time with this. They constantly struggle with the world around them. Older / more experienced vampires literally “go with the flow.” They have figured out (often by hit & miss) how to feel better energy wise by adapting their lifestyle and environment to best meet their energy needs. The vampire lifestyle is not something that can be learned or taught. It is as unique and personal as each individual vampire is to their environment. It is something that can only be experienced as part of life.

Life style changes are also something that changes as a person ages. What benefited a vampire’s energies at 25 maybe be very different at age 45. The affected vampire needs to continue to make lifestyle changes as they age and their energy needs change. The same vampire that gained energy from live music clubs in their youth may 20 years later find that energy too chaotic. Over time, they change and adapt their lifestyle to their changing energy needs.

Learning do adapt lifestyle changes to meet energy needs is an essential survival tool for vampires. The vampire lifestyle has nothing to do with fictional / Hollywood vampirism and everything to do with balanced energies. Using adaptive changes to lifestyle and personal environment helps vampires meet energy needs in the most efficient means possible. A personal vampire lifestyle is necessary skill for all vampires.

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