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Vampirism for the fledgling

Written by Masticina Akicta

So you are a vampire and seeking help, or support. Now I got to tell you something and you probably will be shocked at this. A vampire cannot always expect friends understanding vampirism to support them, even donors can come and go! But happily not all news is bad, after all there is some support and some information. You'll need to learn to get used to your vampirism in short time, life goes on and you'll need to support your daily life to.

One thing you will hear people talk about to you, is shielding. One very important thing for vampires, vampires in nature are very open to energy and shielding is the way to deal with problem moments and areas. If you can shield, your ability to have a normal life rises.

Improving your energy usage also is extremely important. Nowadays you can't buy a new house without having it totally insolated; this is a nice tip for vampires. If you can stop energy leaking from you, you can extend the time you can go without feeding. A method to do this, is shielding! Instead of keeping things out, you keep things in. This is a very important part in survival.

When you age, your vampirism ages to, your needs will change allot. You are in for a coaster ride, as vampirism even seems to have a menopause. Though such won't happen probably around your real menopause. Your ability to survive and succeed in things, depends on how you can keep functional.

So, that are some good tips not, keep an eye on your energy. Keep an eye on changing reality and a changing you. And try to ensure that you can do your daily activities, vampirism can definitely influence your body.

But the support issue, well generally a young vampire gets support of a community for a while. With lessons, tips and some small support. In the end though, we vampires stand alone, we are warriors. After learning all you can about vampirism its a good thing to teach it to others but there is no real teacher, there is no real supporter. Many vampires have it busy in their own lives already and though helping you out a bit won't be a problem, there is only so much they want to help you with. It is you who has to find a donor, or find ways to feed. It is you who has to deal with daily chores, it is you who has to ensure you keep as healthy as possible. It is you who is responsible for your own actions and your own life.

Welcome amongst the vampires, we can help you but you have to swim it out on your own. Its a dangerous existence!

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