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Vampire Church Purpose Print E-mail
Written by Damien Daville   
Saturday, 25 April 2009 18:00

The Vampire Church acts as a haven for a free and open meeting place. We are not an affiliated religious institution or belief group, but rather a research organization on bio energy vampirism. More information on this energy condition can be found in the articles written and posted in this site. We do not honor the portrayal of vampirism found in the romantic and power driven films made by the movie industry, nor do we hold any belief in what the gaming industry has suggested. While the fantasy world of vampirism has its entertainment value, we emphasize that bio energy vampirism is a serious condition made no less important with its problems and

Vampirism is about the inherent ability to acquire unique needed life giving energy resources. There are those who draw their strength or energy from prana sources or direct life giving sources such as present in blood and sexual energy and even in your breath. And when these are not present there are those who derive their energy from their empathic abilities, the ability to absorb the emotional energy of other people and other living things such as pets and "feel" other people's emotions thereby increasing bio energy levels in a positive way thru manipulation of this energy. Then there are also elemental vampires who seek and are able to use the energy of the earth around them such as thru storms and other natural events or thru non living earth elements around them.  

The vampire can have many abilities such as empathic ability and the ability to manipulate the emotional energy of people and picking up on the mental energy of others. Vampires draw their energies off of the energy around them. The Vampire Church believes in "willing" donors and do not agree with the unwelcome taking of any kind being it blood, sexual or empathic or psychic energy. The Vampire Church understands that there are some forms of psychic energy taking that can be done without the donor knowing and there is no harm. There are other organizations which believe in the practice of forceful psychic attacks upon others. This is totally unacceptable by the Vampire Church.

The Vampire Church hopes that people with this bio energy condition of deficit life giving energy will find they have a haven here among other people, for the use of computer technology has proven to help others to meet other people in this world, helping people to meet where distance keeps people apart. The Vampire Church hopes to educate others thru this quest to provide a forum and home, and resources for others.

The educated person with vampirism is more able to cope with their condition. Vampirism is also about the empowerment of self and thru that the development of self thru this knowledge which will help ensure heath and survival. People with vampirism must be able to cope with the misconceptions brought on by media and the film industry as well as the ridicule and the disbelief of others to be able to live with this condition. This Organization hopes to help other people better understand the vampire condition thru research, and shared knowledge and experience.

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aa5   |Registered |2012-09-25 02:02:23
i love the cemetary photos very prettyvery interes ting info tryin to find out m
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