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What “Type” of Vampire Are You? Print E-mail
Written by LA Judge   
Friday, 15 May 2009 22:21
The question of “type” is one of the greatest misunderstandings among real vampires. The assumption is that vampires can be broken into “types” by the energy they consume. This of course is a completely erroneous. Vampires are all of one “type”. They are humans with living energy needs beyond what their bodies can produce. Hence, they need to gain energy from other living and natural sources. Since all humans can take living energy from these sources, the actual need determines vampirism.

What is often confused for “type” is a general energy source or preference. All humans can take energy from multiple sources, it is natural and often they are unaware that that they are taking energy. Vampires though, because they are lacking the natural ability to produce enough living energy, are very aware of energy taking opportunities. They are also very aware of how that energy affects their body and whether it lasts a long or short time. Because of this, they develop an energy preference based on their individual needs.

Terms such as Sanguinary, Psi, Elemental, Pranic and more, are general terms describing an energy source. Many vampires have both a primary and secondary energy source(s). The primary energy source is the living energy that best fits their bodily needs and that lasts the longest. The secondary source(s) are just that, energy sources that work, but not quite as well.

A person’s primary and secondary energy sources can and do change. Changes occur due to a number of factors. Age, stress, general health, living environment and even seasons can cause an energy source change. Someone using Elemental energy in the summer as a primary energy source may depend upon Sanguinary or Psi as a primary energy sources in the winter. It is best for someone affected with vampirism to be open to multiple energy sources and change their primary energy source to match their individual bodily needs.

So the next time someone asks you, “What ‘type’ of vampire are you?” Answer “human” and just keep them guessing.
Akasha  - Excellent   |Registered |2009-07-02 17:23:49
avatar Excellent article, LA. It's good to see someone el se who holds the same views o
n the 'types' of vamp ires
nodecaf   |Administrator |2009-07-01 03:26:56
avatar Thanks - that is why we make such a great team. We "see" things in a si
milar way. :-)
THE DEADLY CROW   |2009-07-02 16:41:07
I really never looked at it from that kind of pers pective, but hey it's true if
you think about it. that was a really awesome way to put, and article.
gothgoddess89   |Registered |2009-08-22 06:54:11
im glad that some ppl understand that theroy
Cruelty   |Registered |2009-09-15 06:41:30
avatar i do take & give energy myself but i actually do  drink blood. but im safe
about it. ive always been  a bit strange lol ive been like this since i wa
s  14 im proud of who i am.
charlotte  - Blood   |Registered |2013-05-25 00:15:12
avatar I also drink blood. I sometimes feel better. Afte r. Drinking the blood. From m
y partner and he from me but I'm some times still. Hungry.
ZOKI   |Registered |2009-12-14 18:57:51
avatar I think I am psychic vampire.I wonder how not to b ecome infected with the low e
nergy than others?
Ashrylin   |Registered |2009-12-15 20:48:17
avatar well put
Royalty612   |Registered |2010-01-16 07:35:10
Great point L.A I have heard it all but I am glad to hear a sane voice of reaso
n. I have truly misse d being away from this group and I am glad to be b ack. I
know that here there are knowledgable peopl e.
josephina   |Registered |2010-04-11 02:56:03
That is a great article. Though out my life I seem to feed on what I could get
at the time and depen ding on my situation so it makes sense to me now t hank yo
u I was beginning to wonder about myself. I can't be put in a catagory I'm just
Gene   |Registered |2010-04-24 06:11:28
avatar A better understanding..Thank you.Im me.
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