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How Can I Tell If I Am a Real Vampire? Print E-mail
Written by LA Judge   
Tuesday, 20 July 2010 10:29

The one question about vampirism that I heard the most over the years seems to be, “How can I tell if I am a real vampire?” It is usually asked by well meaning individuals seeking to better understand themselves and some yet to be explained physical or mental condition which has arisen. It is not usually asked by someone that has decided on the vampire lifestyle or by someone suddenly into vampirism as a religion. Those two types of people it seems have already decided that they are “true blood” vampires and are willing to expound on their own personal vampire “traits” and qualifications all which seem to make them much more “vampire” that anyone else. But I digress. So, how is it that you can tell if you are affected with vampirism?

The quick easy answer to that question is that you cannot. There is no test for vampirism. Therefore you can never be 100% positive that vampirism is at the core of your health issues. What you can do, however, is to rule things out. Low energy and constant fatigue are a symptom of countless other health issues and many of those are very treatable. From vitamin deficiencies, to mononucleosis, to depression, and many, many more, fatigue is one of the main signs that something is not going well. Get the tests, do blood work, go see the therapist. Chances are it is not vampirism. Rule out anything and everything before coming to the conclusion that it “must” be vampirism. Vampirism should always be a final diagnosis when all other potential problems, over a number of years, have been ruled out. Keep in mind that all people affected by vampirism have been dealing with fatigue for a very long, long time. And while it may sound cool to be affected with vampirism while you are in your teens and twenties, by the time you reach your forties and fifties, fatigue will have taken its toll on your life and health in other ways. Long term fatigue will have long term consequences on everything from your relationships to your ability to resist the common cold.

Bottomline, before you assume you are affected with vampirism, do your homework on yourself to rule out any easily treatable malady. Then even when you have come to the conclusion that since it seems to be nothing else, therefore it must be vampirism, keep getting the tests. I was first diagnosed with fatigue at age three. Over the years I have had ruled a huge amount of health related issues, including depression, which can cause long term fatigue and have caught and treated several others, (such as cancer and a slight vitamin deficiency), in the early stages. Every couple of years I still submit to another round of tests just to make sure that what I am calling vampirism is not being caused by some other problem. So how do you tell if you are affected with vampirism? You do not, but when you have ruled out everything else over a period of years then you may indeed be affected.

kellya123   |Registered |2010-07-31 19:20:40
i just joined this group today as a very mu ch confused and depressive st
ate! i am worried the re might be something wrong with me as i feel ther e is so
mething more!,but i just can not find any a nswers.Ihave a child and a very love
ing boyfriend but i feel there is a darker side to me but not su re what it is
i studied witchcraft about the age o f 13 but it just did not give what i need i
f anyon e has advice for me it would be welcomed xx
B_Bathory   |Registered |2010-08-16 04:16:05
avatar Heyy

Im new to this site too and well I have to say I really enjoyed this rea
d. I agree that you h ave to rule everyting out before you can judge any thing.
I currentlly am doing so myself.
Nhic  - so   |Registered |2010-10-24 02:55:02
so, i do not know if i am actully a vampire, maybe i am just psyco, some times
i feel this nesesity of blood and yeah, i do feel with low energy alway s, when
i wake up in the morning i feel kinda okay but with the hours of the day i sta
rt feeling ver y bad and i do not have the energy to make things, baing under t
he sun too much times makes me dizzy i decide by getting along with people by h
ow thei r energy feels, cus i actually feel it, and with t hat i can know with w
ho the hell i am dealing, so yeah,
emer1  - just joined   |Registered |2012-01-17 03:07:22
avatar thankyou for allowing me to join vampire churc h, i came across this site by
accedent, and now i think it may have been fate. i don't know if im a vampire
but i have been decreasing in my health ov er the last 25 years, i read your ar
ticles and the y are very interesting. i have never been on a cha t site and i'm
excited to meet some of the members .
Raven_Sanguinarium   |Registered |2012-05-09 02:08:49
avatar I have to admitt this is interesting but very true .
bre_Bloodlover   |Registered |2012-09-25 20:43:45
I must say that is very true ive been throw tons o f tests and way more blood wo
rk then I should have . But myself and my doctors have ruled out everyth ing pos
Marijandro   |Registered |2013-06-07 07:50:17
I've been dealing with fatigue and constant headac hes for about seven years. I
have had just about e very test done, and tried dozens of medicines, non e of wh
ich helped. Though two years ago I was fina lly diagnosed with Postural Orthosta
tic Tachycardi a Syndrome (P.o.t.s for short) I'm not sure I comp letely agree w
ith the diagnosis. Again I tried mul tiple medicines that were supposed to help,
but di dn't. Now I'm at a stalemate, any advice?
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