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Sanguinary Vampires Print E-mail
Written by Michelle Ladd   
Friday, 15 May 2009 19:03
When people see all those movies out there they get the wrong idea about vampires. Not all vampires drink blood, but this paper is about Sanguinary Vampirism. The blood itself is not what they require; it's the energy from the blood they need. It is one of the purest forms of energy one can obtain.

A few drops of blood, a tablespoon of blood, a thimble full, or a little more can be taken once per day or a few times a week, depending on the need. Some say the best energy source is from a combination of sex and blood.

Safety should always come first. In my opinion biting someone to get blood is unsafe.

1- It hurts the person.

2- The mouth has a lot of microbes in it, and that is not a good idea.

3- It can scar the person for life.

One of the things people should not do is put their mouth on the skin area that has been cut. Let the blood drip onto a spoon.

As for donors, they are giving of themselves to help you. They need to be shown the utmost respect. Remember, you need them, they don't need you.

What you do before using a donor.

Getting a donor does not just happen overnight. There is a long process they should go through. Here is what one should do when seeking a donor.

1- First and foremost you must like your donor. Trust must be gained and given.

2- After getting to know them see how they react to you being a vampire. If they have questions answer them truthfully.

3- If they can handle that and you still want them as a donor, ask them if they would be willing to be your donor. Please explain what being a donor means, which is important.

4- If they are willing to be a donor, then ask the questions that should be asked, then ask things that need to be done before they become your donor.

A - A Blood test must be done to make sure they don't have any blood diseases that they may not be aware of. They need to be tested 3 to 4 times over a period of 5  years.

B - Ask if they are on any medications. Also ask them if they are taking any other drugs.

C-  Ask them about their diet.

D - Ask them if they drink alcohol or smoke.

E - Sexual history is very important. That is a good reason for a blood test to be done also.

Lancets are sterile tools, which will not leave much of a mark at all, and one that can be disposed of quickly. It is something, which many use for testing their sugar. It is no larger than a pinhead; it comes in sterile packaging, and should only be used once. Places to cut can be the arm above the elbow, legs, shoulder, fingers, toes, and neck.

Before and after care

1- Safety should always come first.

2- Use an alcohol swab to clean the area where you are going to take the blood from and the area around it.

3- After taking the blood use another alcohol swab to clean the area. Cover the wound with triple

4- antibiotic cream. Then apply a band-aid or bandage whichever is needed.

5- These are all things Sanguinary Vampires should think about when looking for and using a donor.

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Cruelty   |Registered |2009-09-15 07:16:18
avatar very good tips tho i must say i do require more than a little i like to have
at least a mouth ful l before being satisfied. a syringe and a goblet i s safe.
Belovedofbloodstorm   |Registered |2012-12-24 12:16:22
I am surprised by no mention of "aftercare" ; for the donor. Communion c
an be a very spiritua lly, physically, and emotionally intense experienc e for t
he giver; when I donated to Eric, I was oft en "out of body" for 1/2 hou
r to an hour a fter each feeding, riding the ways of this altered consciousness
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