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Grounding and Centering Print E-mail
Written by LA Judge   
Saturday, 07 July 2007 03:54

It happens to all of us. Young / old, weak / strong, shielded / open. Eventually we all run smack dab into a system overload of energy that we cannot use or is not our type. It leaves you feeling out of sorts, not like yourself at all. Often you end up acting out the physical manifestation of that energy leaving you feeling trapped inside your own body doing things that you would not otherwise do.

For me being a negative feeder, I need to resist the urge to wear bright floral shirts and hum along to the greatest hits on the easy listening station. For most others it is negative energy that overwhelms and they see themselves acting out in a decaying cascade of aggressive actions that they feel powerless to stop. In all cases it not only affects you physically it does so mentally. It leaves you unclear, unfocused and feeling utterly helpless until the non-useful energy works its way from your systems. Learning to ground and center effectively can help purge a non-useful energy overload and help return you to a balanced state more rapidly.

The American Heritage Dictionary defines to meditate as "To train, calm, or empty the mind, often by achieving an altered state, as by focusing on a single object". And understand that meditation is only part of the answer. In grounding & centering you use the empty mind to drive the physical state as well and in doing so burn off the non-useful energy from your system. It is that singular centered focus in both the mental and physical that makes meditation a useful tool.

Now before you get all glassy eyed and start looking for a guru, understand that there are many types of meditations. While the classic vision of sitting cross legged and chanting may have its place for focus, it is not the most useful tool for burning unwanted energies expediently. Moving mediations that involve a great deal of physical movement are actually the best. And the thing is you probably already do some of this by instinct. But defining it as grounding & centering will help you channel and direct some of that which you already know.

A moving or physical meditation is one that involves rote, repetitious physical action that body knows by instinct so well that it allows the mind to detach.  Doing so allows both the mentally and physical selves to attain a centered clarity void of any intent or purpose, save that of the action itself. You become the physical activity, the energy, and in doing so are able rapidly to dispel it from your system. In sports this is sometimes referred to as being in "the zone". In essence you, the activity, the energy become one. It is that synthesis, the emptiness, that clarity of mind, body and energy that allows one to rapidly purge their system and return to a state of balance and control.

Simple physical activities are best. You want to engage the physical in a demanding way, yet be able to let go and detach. Softer, rote more mundane actives seem to be best for purging energy that is more positive. While negative energy is most effectively purged in a hard and fast manner.

But in both cases, it is completely dependent on the individual.

For me a mundane "soft" activity allows me to find and locate that unwanted more positive energy. I use the repetitious action involved in such things a housework (ironing, vacuuming, dishwashing, folding laundry, etc), cycling, walking, and driving as a means of reaching and obtaining my desired zone. For expelling negative energies, I suggest something harder and faster. Running (not jogging), throwing rocks, hitting a heavy bag, whacking a bucket of balls at the driving range, heavy yard work, to name a few. These are just suggestions. There are many more hundreds of such activities, each one personal to the individual that can be used as just an effective means. The important thing is to reach that centered state of being – of oneness – so that you can ground out that unwanted energy.

Once that state of being is achieved, you will begin feeling a bit better, a bit more like yourself. Do not do the obvious thing and stop the activity. Remember your goal. You are purging your system of unwanted energies. You need to keep pushing until you begin to feel tired in order for this to be an effective ground. Do not push yourself to the point of physical collapse, but do push to the point where you feel a comfortable tiredness. You will actually feel the letting go. Once that happens you will need to "close" the activity and return to your normal balanced state. When I say to close and activity I mean to give it a formal end. Doing so allows you that few moments of formal detachment to regroup, re-shield and regain your balance. Once have come back to your balanced self, if you still feel a bit exhausted, you may need to feed lightly on energies best suited to your needs. If you feed only do so at a surface level. You want you give yourself time to rest, renew and recover before returning to your normal feeding patterns.

harry   |2009-10-21 21:05:55
When I am alone, I get very quick tired and faint. But when I come into public,
my tireness and fati gue is atonce away. The persons, who surrounds me, run ou
t of her energy and become tired. Often ma neighbours suspects to be the author
of their loss of energy. 30 years ago I studied veterynary medc ine in Vienna.
I focused all my energies of my bra in on the professors, to force them, that t
hey wou ld gave me a positive note for my tests. I was at the beginning of my s
tudies very successful by my hypnotic attempts. But after I had passed the firs
t state-examination, I was thrown out by the profe ssors. They lamented, tht th
ey get headache by my praesens. Now I recognized, that I must have extra ordina
ry mental qualities. Soon I aknowledged that I must be a Psycho-Vampire by read
ing vampire lit erature. After my unfortunate studies I took over the shop of m
y mother. I am the owner of this toba cco-shop unti...
dekira   |Registered |2010-08-06 06:41:17
avatar Myself I have a hard time to keep all in balance. My job has so much negativity
that some times I ca n't shake it till I leave to go home. I get so fil led wit
h negativity that I just want to scream, bu t instead I feel so overwhelmed that
madness seems to set in. When I get to work the atmosphere chan ges I can feel
the hate that other workers send of f. This place seems to have no real positiv
ity to it unless you are an actual employee instead of co ntracted like from a
temp agency or work for there distribution company. I guess I should at least
feel blessed I have a job. Its more the people the n the job. They drive me cra
zy with the bad energy they send. when I get home I have to shower to wa sh the
negative vibes off me after that I get good energy from the atmosphere when I
leave work,but feel even better after the shower.
DTZ47   |Registered |2011-02-18 06:44:06
avatar Wonderful article... Made me take a deeper look in to how I am dealing with unsp
ent & unharnessed ene rgy that tends to implode on me...thanks
Abrunella   |Registered |2011-10-01 23:55:41
avatar I Agree with Harry,Without the mundanes and there energy, we feel tierd and run
down, but I discover d that the music of the past, bring a very tempora ry reli
ef of energy,..and I feed of this so much a nd just listening to the local peota
s,as well, mak es my energy level high,..and there is one other, but for give m
e if i offend others, Gods gift' a s train of herb. excuse my wrightings, i
think i n castillain.
Pan   |Registered |2012-02-17 12:04:01
thank u for an informative article..i need to  brush up on sheilding so
this has helped me a lot   xo
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