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Vampires – Social Creatures Print E-mail
Written by Debby Amos   
Monday, 07 June 2010 23:27

You know, we humans are a pretty clever species... Our brains are highly evolved organs which allow us to introspect and reason and solve problems, as well as communicate through language. Humans like to be the Masters of the world around them and they are compelled to progress... We build fires and cook, build tools and shelters and have a passion for science and technology which is rivaled only by our spiritual need to philosophize.

Human beings are also Social creatures, and with our development of language, we are able to really communicate and express our feelings and our ideas with one another. People like to share and to feel like an integral, special part of a whole. We create complex social systems, starting with our immediate families to our local communities to our countries, and we communicate, learn and connect through prose and poetry, song and pantomime as well as painting, sculpture and architecture, etc.

>Communities usually grow in groups of people according to geography, and develop common values, traditions, customs, religions, and languages. In a healthy community, everybody has a social role and is respected for what they individually bring to the whole, giving individuals purpose, and a sense of belonging resulting in harmony for all.

Then our brains... Think! Don’t forget, human beings have a propensity for advancement which also, as well as being creative, makes us very curious creatures... In life, sometime we see or experience certain things which lure us think outside the square – outside of what society has decided is normal and/or acceptable...

Let’s not forget that humans like to control their environment... Rogue thinkers are out of control and on some level feared for they threaten the solidarity of the social structure – look at the commotions Christopher Columbus, Charles Darwin and even John Lennon caused... If you are a rogue thinker but already have an influential standing in your community, you might be affectionately referred to as eccentric, if not, you will probably just get labeled as a freak and experience persecution on some level. Individuals, who do not connect with society’s norms, face a choice... They can conform, or they can go out on their own, or they can live a double life.

Believing in psychic energy, staying up half the night, desiring blood or simply feeling tired all the damn time are not society norms, and sometimes make it hard to even function in a normal, productive fashion... Vampires can pretend they are not Vampires, keep their Vampire existence secret, or live publically as Vampires. Any of these choices can lead to feelings of isolation, loneliness, shame and guilt and can result in depression. And depression and isolation can very quickly become a downward spiral... Human beings are social creatures... When faced with feelings of loneliness they start to question their self-worth... What is wrong with me? Why am I different? Am I evil? Could somebody love me?

Human beings are communal, and as much as we like to be appreciated as individuals, we also have a deep seated need to belong, and it is this desire that brings about the birth of sub-cultures... We have such a longing to be accepted that if part of who we are is rejected by society, we automatically start to build another smaller society around that part, until we are once again surrounded by accepting, like-minded people with common values, traditions, customs, religions, and/or languages... People who assure us there is nothing wrong with us, and that befriend us for who we are and help us to feel deserving of love.

Beware! Because our human compulsion to belong to a community is so intense, isolated, free-thinking individuals can become targets for unethical sociopaths. The word cult really means a collection of people with a similar culture, and is not a dirty word... But, we must also be discerning when we are seeking companionship. Negative cults do exist... When entering a community, ask yourself - are they wanting my money, my body or my soul? Are there too many secrets? Have the persons in the community lost their individuality (clones) and seem to say the same things, act the same way and even feel the same feelings? Do they share delusions of grandeur? Are you being asked to go against personal ethics to prove your loyalty? Do they outwardly recruit?

Vampires... Don’t become recluses... It’s not healthy for your human psyche. Every week you need to experience human contact and not just on the net! Do not isolate yourself from the buzzing, exciting world outside your castle... Do coffee or go fishing with a friend, take up martial arts or dancing or darts, or take a course at a college... Whatever, but get out there. This is especially important for people who don’t work and have that regular interaction with others. Because, whatever sub-cultures we choose to belong to, whatever God or Goddess we worship, wherever we were born; we are first and foremost members of the human tribe, and are happier and mentally healthier(who would have thought?) when we embrace our human socialite nature.

Taos Taylor   |Registered |2012-11-02 18:18:22
In my own experiences I have viewed myself as bein g evil. This is a negative f
eeling that I should not dwell on. It means that I feel unwanted. I a m going
out with fellow veterans and I feel this i s helping me feel wanted. I also se
e my family on ce a week which helps.
Baddogsblood   |Registered |2012-11-20 07:53:07
avatar That was beautiful and elegant. Bravo! I have neve r heard humans social needs s
ummed up so well befo re.
Lost Darkkin   |Registered |2013-05-23 13:36:20
Debbie very well written.Every one needs to feel t hey belong even us.I have alw
ays stayed away from people because I was labeled a freak in school.It didn't
bother me because I knew I was so different from the norm.The V.C. has helped m
e understand , learn and grow.Sometimes we just need to find the right teachin
gs to find ourselves and grow wings to spread the joy!
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