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Written by Damien Daville   
Saturday, 16 May 2009 15:38












Damien  - cemetary Photo Gallery   |SAdministrator |2009-07-09 15:43:59
avatar Many of these photos were taken in New Orleans or near there. Nothing like a go
od cemetary to relax in.
pagangod  - The grave is a symbol of death.....   |2009-07-13 14:22:55
...I believe in life and living our life in full.   Life is the indulgence
, Death the great Abstinen ce , so live you life in full. (lavey)
Damien   |SAdministrator |2009-07-14 09:29:39
avatar Living life is the ultimate "emotional" in dulgence no matter where you
are. Symbols are only what they are to who they are, and in this case, the dea
d sometimes have a lot to say if you are * listening*. (daville)
Zenity  - graveyard   |2009-08-07 05:38:21
I always thought Graveyards were very peaceful.
Wabun Wind  - Thanks a lot for having let in some Europeans   |Registered |2009-08-22 13:30:02
avatar Perhaps I should have to tell a bit about the last 5 pictures now. They all are
stemming from Hungar y where I have passed some time this April.

The first
one (the Blaha grave) to the next to the la st (Than grave) I have taken at Buda
pest Central C emetary and the last one of the cleric I have take n in esztergom
i baszilika (Ezstergom cathedral) be cause it moved me so much: that great dark
mournin g angel who is lying across the grave plate was so impressive to me.

Wabun Wind
Cruelty   |Registered |2009-09-15 08:16:12
avatar oh i love the one here in calgary! so beautiful. i did a photoshoot there.
BloodAngel   |Registered |2009-11-14 08:11:43
avatar Very Beautiful And Peaceful Looking.
And Yes The Dead Have Quiet A Bit To Say
To Those Listening.
Scent_of_Snow   |Registered |2010-02-05 08:45:08
I also like to take photographs in cemeteries, but more, about stone crosses, I
have such a collecti on

Damien, do you know, where was the last phot ograph
taken? The text, that carved in it, is hung arian!! Such a pleasant surprise f
or me
Scent_of_Snow   |Registered |2010-02-05 08:55:20
Blaha Lujza was a famous hungarian actress and sin ger, often called the "Ni
ghtingale of the nati on". Than Károly was chemist and the member of the Hu
ngarian Scientific Academy. Their tombs are in the Kerepesi Cemetery in Budapes
dekira   |Registered |2010-07-15 04:41:52
avatar I have been to New Orleans before. Yes there cemet ery's are very beautiful and
peaceful. I met a vam pire while on the trolley to where my hotel was. I didn't
speak to him I was afraid to tell him I wa s also a vampire cause I thought he
might laugh at me. Only because I don't dress the way some think s we should dr
ess as well as the make up.
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