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Written by Damien Daville   
Saturday, 07 July 2007 03:54

I first started catching vampire flicks back in the 1960s and remember watching the original movie, Nosferatu. Then I remember seeing the Dracula films such as those played by Christopher Lee, Frank Langella and the ever famous Bela Lugosi. With Dracula being the main character, he had surrounding him myth and legend that gave vampires their powers and strength. And in these movies the vampire could not tolerate silver, holy objects, mirrors and sunlight. So much for those strengths.

Then there was this voracious appetite for blood and supernatural powers such as super strength and ability to shift change and fly. All of this to me was interesting in an entertaining way. I enjoyed the romantic way vampires would get close to their victums, perhaps a way to eventually get all that blood. Romance and emotion were the themes of the night with Anne Rice's Interview with a Vampire. Perhaps this is the one vampire film that dealt with character, relationships, and the finer ways of how to survive,  Other Rice films took on a more violent competitive nature as seen in Queen of the Damn and Lestat.

A real classic for me was of course Bram Stoker's portrayal of Dracula. Here is a good story with good actors and again romance is the primary motivator. A love story drives this movie and again you see the emphasis on the romance side of things however having to keep up with the blood thirst at the same time. This movie also has its share of violence, when Dracula does not get his way, he of course resorts to trying forcibly however eventually leading to his destruction.

Then there are all the"action" vampire movies such as the Blade movies and the Underworld movies. I also can't forget the film that John Carpenter made called Vampires. Here you are pulled away from the romantic theme to a more power play and violent theme. Throw in the idea of mutants and you go off into a whole new direction which does not do much for me. It is like just looking at another b rated alien flick.

Then there is the movie Twilight that has been out for a short while. Here romance is brought back into the genre with a certain amount of sympathy for the emotions of the characters. But then the vampire still always gets what he wants, your blood!

I still find to this day I enjoy the entertainment value of a good vampire movie if it has both ramance and action in the story. Compare the vampire movies you see and to a degree, you can muddle out the facts of our existence, which I find half the fun. Somewhere in some of them you might even see some part of yourself, but I know for me there was never anything in the vampire movies that ever resembled me, but they were always still entertaining.

Yadulce   |2011-02-26 21:38:42
Abrunella   |Registered |2011-10-02 00:00:04
avatar jajaja, yes, damien I must agree, these films Eter tain me" much! especi
ally the vampire from brookyn"..que calamadida!..Si..I must admit i t bring
s me pleasure and relief to watch these mov ies..especially TRUE BLOOD and the l
affayette caha!
Taos Taylor   |Registered |2012-06-01 23:11:16
I like good vampire movies also. I want to see Le stat, but it has not been in
any local theaters. The main character that I can relate to is Louie i n Inter
view With a Vampire. I too try to search f or answers to vampirism and make sen
se of blood su cking.
jason   |Registered |2012-12-11 10:50:00
ive seen almost all dracula movies that are worth seeing,my first 1 was christo
pher lee dracukla 195 8 and since then am seen them almost all
jason   |Registered |2012-12-30 15:49:38
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