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Written by Damien Daville   
Friday, 15 May 2009 09:58

Web Alliance is an organization whose mission is to help protect the integrity and originality of the internet.. And what does this mean for people like you?..Every day someone is stealing a graphic which was made by and sometimes copyrighted by another artist on the web without respect of or permission from the original owner of the graphic..Has this happened to you??..I know it has happened to me and i have caught those doing it..Now...just maybe the thief did not know he/she was stealing and maybe the thief did know...either way this is a violation of the rights of artists to the work that they far too often have put in innumerable hours creating..

Another form of stealing which is rampant is the linking to another person's server to take a graphic. In other words the thief is even more brazen by not only stealing the graphic but linking it's use to the victim's server or ISP (internet service provider)..This is sometimes known as "bandwidth stealing" as it uses "space" from the victim's server each time the graphic is loaded..This can cause irreputable harm since the victim's server or ISP will only allow a certain fixed amount of use of it's server which could cost the user of that ISP extra.. This is a serious issue and should not be tolerated and needs to be reported and watched for..

Then there is the integrity of an artist's work..The serious artist spends long hours creating the special graphics for his/her's web site and there is nothing like finding that someone else is claiming credit for your work on another web site..Given the amount of graphics circulating about the net.. It may be possible that the defending party did not realize the stolen graphic is yours..This is where you must contact the offending party and ask for it's removal explaining how the graphic is yours and your permission was not given for it's use.. Most artists and webmasters do not mind one asking them permission to use their graphics for most have published rules on their pages governing the borrowing and use of graphics.. And some webmasters will allow use of their graphics as long as credit for the graphics used is given on the page by the one borrowing them..a mainstay rule here is ask before you will most likely find that most webmaster's will be very accommodating when asked and one may find that use of another's graphics will be approved by the artist if this simple protocol is used..and one gets the use of the web graphic and the artist feels safe that he/she was not a victim of thievery..

However there will sometimes be those who will not listen to reason and these are the thieves that we as good proprietors of the net should watch out for...If you are a thief and do not give in to reason..then you are just a setup for making enemies of the offending webmasters which could have many different ramifications to you as the thief..Consider if you steal bandwidth..your page will most likely lead to broken links and missing graphics which is the telltale sign of a thief being caught..If you steal copyrighted material you may end of with a lawsuit and in court..And if the offending webmaster is pissed off enough any amount of "other" damage may occur to your page if you are the thief...The point is that all this can be averted if everyone respects the originality and integrity of another's work..ask permission if you want to borrow a graphic and never link to another's server or ISP when taking graphics...

If you desire to become a member of this organization, please use the button graphic at the bottom of this page on your web site as a reminder that you are a member of Web Alliance to discourage the theif practices on the web. Download this button graphic and then upload to your own site directory and ink to:

"use it now.."

Moonslight  - Owner   |Registered |2009-10-07 22:38:16
avatar I will be adding this to the bottom of my pages. I have been subject to many of
the things listed ab ove over the last 6 months and having changed ever ything
I could, this will be just one more thing t o help. Thank you !
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