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Written by Damien Daville   
Friday, 24 April 2009 18:00
Welcome to the Vampire Church

Welcome to the Site. Membership here is by invitation only, however you can be sponsored by a current member who can elect to recommend you. That current member can email the site if he/she wishes to sponsor a new member.

To join our Chat with other members, you can go to

You can follow us on Podcasts, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, and Blogger. A link to the Forum section is in the Main Menu at the top of the page. More information on what we mean by "Bio Energy Vampirism" can be found in the "Articles" section located on the top Menu Bar. We hope you enjoy your stay.

About Us

The Vampire Church acts as a haven for a free and open meeting place and a resource for information on bio energy vampirism.. We are not an affiliated religious institution or belief group, but rather a research organization on bio energy vampirism. More information on this energy condition can be found in the articles written and posted in this site. We do not honor the portrayal of vampirism found in the romantic and power driven films made by the movie industry, nor do we hold any belief in what the gaming industry has suggested. While the fantasy world of vampirism has its entertainment value, we emphasize that bio energy vampirism is a serious condition made no less important with its problems and acceptability. We only ask that here you respect the opinions of others as they will respect yours.

nodecaf  - new graphics - love 'em   |Administrator |2009-07-03 17:46:05
avatar I really like the new graphics - they make quite a statement about energy.
Superdave2010  - New To The Group   |Registered |2010-08-04 06:32:03
Hello all,
I am new to the group and just wanted to say hello to everyone.
LilyAriella  - I'm new too   |Registered |2011-02-09 08:24:02
I'm also new. Feel free to friend me if you like.. .LilyAriella
MightyPen  - Hello   |Registered |2012-05-22 07:17:42
Hi, I joined your sight because you said you are a research group. I've heard
of Energy Vampirism b efore, but I came here to find out more about it. I am a
n empath, that I know for sure. I can lite rally feel a person's energy, even t
hrough the com puter. I feel so good and energized when I talk t o someone who
is possitive, but I try to stay away from negative people because the negative
energy they emit is so draining to me. I feel depressed, angry, irritated, et
c. when I have a conversation with someone who has a negative outlook on life.
I don't know if that would count as vampirism, bu t I know for a fact that I a
m an empath. I would appreciate all the information I can find about th is. T
Hohenheim   |Registered |2012-11-10 19:49:28
I know a few empaths. One used to be so sensitive to others' emotions that she
had to be completely alone in order to feel her own emotions. She event ually l
earned to block it. Another one started dab bling with changing the emotions of

May I ask your story?
Belovedofbloodstorm   |Registered |2012-12-24 12:34:43
I too am empathic. When somone emits energy freely (positive or negative) I wil
l absorb various amou nts unwittingly (my shielding tends to work "a ll or n
othing" and I have difficulty reflectin g or cycling). When the energy is up
lifting, it re sonates with my own, and i become supercharged. Wh en the energy
is negative, it has a stagnant, toxi c effect to me psychically--the residuals f
ester a nd eat at me, triggering my dystymia. However, the energy I absorb is n
ot done willfully, or in the deliberate form of a draw, for the purposes of su
pplementing my own energy. I have more than enoug h energy to sustain me. In
fact, my Beloved Eric would say that I was a natural "battery" o r "
;positive", and produced copious amounts of surplus energy. He was constant
ly feeding and cycling my surplus energy.
becky98  - I am new   |Registered |2013-03-04 06:14:53
I am new here as well hello to everyone out there.
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