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Written by Damien Daville   
Tuesday, 11 August 2009 11:26

Thank You for your interest in becoming a member. Before you proceed, we ask that
you become familiar with our Membership Guidelines and Terms of Service. Be sure to check
your email account including spam folder for an email from us to complete the registration. 
* Member MUST BE AT LEAST 18 YEARS OF AGE and supply a valid age. 
* Member can apply for one account only. Multiple accounts are not permitted.  
* Member must supply and maintain a valid email account.
* Member has read and agrees to follow the Membership Policy and Terms of Service.
* Violation of the Terms of Service may result in deletion of account.

* We ask that you please introduce yourself on the Forum such as name, where from and interests.


countvu   |Registered |2011-01-14 21:54:12
thank you letting me join.
countvu  - thank you.   |Registered |2011-01-14 21:55:21
have days of the nite to be come true.
celtins  - greetings to all existing members!   |Registered |2011-04-14 08:58:18
Helo every body! i want to use this opport unity to thank all existing m
embers of this site. I'm Celestine from Nigeria, just joined this site for the
fact that i love what its all about. I nev er knew that vampire truly exist in
this world, th ough i saw it on some movies but thought its just exaggeration.
I'm not really a vampire but I think i love vampire because of their pysic abil
ities. I dnt mind becoming one.... pls you guys should pu t me tru... cheers!
ChrisNZ13  - YAY!!   |Registered |2011-06-06 15:14:58
Well my names Christina Newton, I'm 18 and I'm from New Zealand ( sadly) we
ll I'm into the basic s guys lol video game and art.
I've always had a fascina
tion with vampires and really really want t o be one and and when I saw this web
site I was lik e yay finally a place where I show apart of me tha t I havn't rea
lly shown anyone before.
Black Wolf   |Registered |2012-04-17 18:59:43
It's nice to see the young still have an open mind and curiosity to things diff
erent that are around them. Unfortunately you can't just become a vampi re. you
have to be born as one.
Lillith Catalia Johan   |Registered |2011-06-12 19:53:36
thank you for accepting me. Serching for ones like me. Those who l
ive only for energy t hat is permitted to partake of. I serch for beaut y and c

Aniolinde   |Registered |2011-09-11 23:49:49
Thank you for accepting my request to join.

Abrunella   |Registered |2011-10-02 00:04:43
avatar Gracias Hermanos.
tarunarao   |Registered |2011-12-22 13:12:30
Hey I m new Here....
are all members Vampires???
tarunarao   |Registered |2011-12-23 10:31:43
thank you for letting me join..
franki   |Registered |2012-01-19 01:20:02
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