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Written by Damien Daville   
Wednesday, 13 May 2009 12:19

The Vampire Church is a privately owned and operated Organization. Membership is based solely and exclusively upon the member's conduct and the ability to follow all policies set forth within this site. All members agree to abide by these policies upon registration and are bound to them through out the course of their membership. Failure to abide by these polices may result in termination of membership and forfeiture of all rights to this community.

First, The Vampire Church requires that you must be at least 18 years of age to register for an account to use the programs and services on this site. The suject matter here is of an adult nature and the Vampire Church assumes no responsibilty for the interpretation or actions anyone coming to this site may take or have as a consequence. While we realize anyone can llie about an age, if we know you are not meeting the age requirement, you will be subject to removal. We do not participate in the politics of other online communities and do not welcome it within this site. Titles that one may hold elsewhere are not recognized here. Here, everyone is equal and we will not tolerate any arrogance or belittling to any person(s) within this community.

We will not tolerate arrogance, hatred, bigotry, sexual perversions, sexual predators, criminal intent or any behavior that condones harm to one's self, other people. We are not a pick up place nor a dating service. We also prohibit the use of any profanity. If you cannot speak here without it, than you do not belong here. The Vampire Church does not permit uploads, posts, links, or photos that advocate illegal substances, pornography, warez, or hate sites.

In order to maintain the table structure and layout of the site, members can not exceed 21 letters, numbers, or spaces within their chosen user name. User names can not contain any character maps, or extreme sexual references. Only one account per person is allowed on the site. Any member found with multiple accounts will be deleted or the new registered account will be rejected. Registrant's email must be an established email address. We will not approve registrants with brand new email addresses. Member must supply a valid age at all times. All members must supply a valid email account.

Upon registration completion, members will receive an email with a link to click on to activate their account. If you do not proceed with this step, your account can not be processed. We do not sell or share your email address with any third parties. Also, please check your bulk folder for your account activation email if you haven't received it within 20 minutes of registration. There is a great possibility that your email service misdirected it to that folder. Registrants that do not validate their membership within 3 days will be removed from the database. If this occurs, the registrant will have to fill out the membership form again.

Do not bring your personal biases or arguments regarding any figure or group to this site. We are not interested in becoming involved in any personal conflicts that you may have with those in the vampire community. The Vampire Church will not serve as a battle ground for any outside influences.

This site is grounded in the belief that all people are human beings without special powers found in vampire film and books. We define vampirism as a deficiency condition of bio or life giving energy. This condition is defined further in the philosophy and purpose of the site and in the articules on this subject. Some examples of what we do not accept are physical Immortality. turned/sired/embraced, mythical trait associations. ancestral claims of vampirism to fictional characters as depicted in film and literature, clans, biting/attacking, and cults. Any member claiming to be or promoting any of the above may be subject to losing your membership in this site.

We do not permit the posting of creative writings; short stories, novels or poetry. If you would like to share your authored works with others, you may post an off site link. This protects the Vampire Church from the claims of liability that may ensue as a result of unauthorized use of works stemming from our member base.

All members are required to participate in English. Proper grammar is required at all times. We also require you to do your own spell checking. If your writing does not contain proper grammar and spelling, it may not be approved for publication on this site.


Cruelty   |Registered |2009-09-15 07:19:32
avatar understandable and fair
bloodrayne31   |Registered |2009-10-02 08:29:31
I agree with and respect all rules and regulations .If by my inbox.I would like
to speek with the mod erator about certain subjects in a private affair. thank y
Anisette1363   |Registered |2010-06-04 01:41:14
avatar I totally agree and respect the said guidelines, t he Vampire Church has always
been home to me. Its great to come home again after being away.
Vampiress Kalaiya   |2010-07-10 16:03:29
I love love love the rules and guidelines. Fin ally a vampire site that does
n't allow all the  4;fluff" of wannabees that say that they were "t
urned" or "sired" and that is m ade for "true" vamps. All I
can say is FIN ALLY! But if I have a question regarding some " ;strange"
behavior that did actually happen to me, who do I ask?
Vampiress Kalaiya
EclecticEccentricity   |Registered |2011-04-27 01:33:10
avatar How would I go about becoming a moderator or a Sen ior Member?
Damien   |SAdministrator |2011-04-27 21:38:21
avatar To become a Senior Member means you have been acti ve on our forum, that is you
have posted at least 50 times. To join our Mod Team, is determined by m e, the
Site Owner and is done as needed.
Kali   |2011-10-09 20:51:05
I am Kali. Greetings to all. I hope to learn, grow and give to this Community.
I am an Energy Vampir e. This would be the closest “label” to describe t he sort
of vampire that I am.

I just joined th e Vampire Church and I wholeheartedl
y thank the mo derators, who welcomed me into The Vampire Church.
respect   |Registered |2011-12-08 19:31:36
i love the rules [Membership Guidelines]thnaks.
countvu   |Registered |2012-07-23 21:53:47
hi,i am back on my birthday 03.17.78. me and my ne w wife got together on 3.17.2
012. hand fasting and we are vampires. newly wedds. people of the night .
vishakpj271  - Good.....   |Registered |2013-03-11 19:38:18
i totally agree with it
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